Apr 28, 2023

Tips for dads shopping for their daughters


Father carrying his daughter.

It's not uncommon for dads to think of shopping for their daughters as something that is a bit out of their comfort zone. Maybe you don't consider yourself the best shopper; perhaps you have no knowledge about which colors go or don't go together, or maybe you are a bit shy to shop for girly things. However, it is still part of being a dad, and there is no reason for you to be concerned or nervous about tending to your daughter's needs and taking care of her. Still, before you grab the shopping cart, here are some tips for dads shopping for their daughters that may help.

Shopping for clothes

Unfortunately, shopping for your daughter's clothes is not as simple as buying her an Elsa dress and thinking that you're done with it (even though it seems like it's the only thing she wants to wear). Still, learning a bit more about what works for their wardrobes, and in general, is bound to make it easier.

Opting for quality
The question of quality is gender-neutral. Knowing your fabrics is something that helps you in the long run, regarding both your and your daughter's clothes. The pieces you buy should be made of quality fabrics, materials that will look good even after many months of wearing and washing. 

Finding the right fit
If you could follow a universal guide for kids' clothing size, getting it right wouldn't be an issue. But, unfortunately, there isn't such a thing. Sizes for children's apparel are typically labeled according to their age, ranging from newborn to 12 years of age. However, it is best not to rely solely on age, but take your daughter's height and weight into consideration as well. 

Also, when buying for a toddler, it's wise to buy more oversized fits given how fast they grow. Finally, when it comes to sizes for older kids' clothes, keep in mind that the male size guide differs from the one used for girls.

Picking a general color scheme
If you haven't already, learning about what a capsule wardrobe is might be the trick that saves you. It's a collection of clothing pieces that all match with one another, and one of the best tips for dads shopping for their daughters. This way, you can never go wrong when pairing a particular shirt with a certain pair of pants. 

You can achieve this by deciding on a general color scheme for your daughter's wardrobe and then buying most of her clothes in those colors. If she is old enough to tell you what her favorite color is, simply pair that color with neutrals like whites and creams, for example. 

Of course, this doesn't mean that her wardrobe should only be in these colors, but it will make it easier for you to add a few items of other colors later.  

Keeping it simple
As a man, you must own a few fancy pieces of clothing yourself, but you probably have a firm foundation of standard and simple staples as well. Her wardrobe shouldn't be any different. Although she might like glittery, princess-looking skirts and T-shirts embroidered with rhinestones, she should also own a plain navy T, simple pair of dark jeans, and unadorned cream sweaters. 

Fathers who shop for their female child might find it a relief to know that colors and staples essentially don't have a gender, so don't feel restricted to buying solely in the girl's department.

but adding a fun little extra
When picking some cool pieces for your little girl, strive to find a balance between overly trendy that dates pretty quickly and completely basic. Stay away from details that make items just a bit too fun, and choose charming eyelet trims, little pink bows on the back, a good stripe, or a cool and funny print for your toddler, such as "Only Those Worthy May Pick Me Up".

Bring her along

One of the most important tips for dads shopping for their daughters is that they take their daughter with them to the stores. This way, she will be able to tell you what style or colors she likes, and you'll be able to guide her decisions regarding any pieces of clothing that are a whim rather than a necessity. Besides, if she is present, you can see right away whether an item fits her or not.

Shopping for female essentials

Then come the questions and concerns about puberty and body changes, and all of the above suddenly feels like child's play. But the topic is bound to be raised eventually, and if your partner is not in the picture, your daughter will come to you. 
Although you both might feel a little embarrassed once this is out for the first time, you will also feel relief because it's finally out. It is crucial to be perfectly mature about it and understand how these items are important for her. Then, all you have to do is ask your daughter to write down all that she needs and simply go and get them. These supplies will eventually become perfectly regular stuff on the shopping list, right next to your grooming products and toiletries.

It’s okay to call for backup

If you are raising a daughter by yourself, there is nothing wrong with asking for backup from time to time, whether you’re planning to relocate or simply shopping for clothes. For starters, you can team up with other single parents. The presence of other adults going through (or have already gone through) the same experience with their children might help break the ice when hitting the mall or drugstore with an upgraded shopping list for the first time. Besides, you might find sharing experiences with each other very helpful.

Secondly, you can ask for support and counsel from a female relative or friend or any female authority figure you trust. This may help you gain a better understanding of your teenage daughter's needs and requirements, which she might be struggling to get across. Bringing a female role model onboard may help single fathers far more than just when it's time to go shopping for their little girls, or even ask her to do this instead of you sometimes.

Don’t overlook the benefits

You shouldn't overlook the benefits of dads shopping for their daughters. Surely, asking a female friend or relative to do this in your place might be most convenient because it would spare you some awkward and discomforting experiences. However, fathers often complain about how their teenage daughters have this tendency of shutting them out. On the other hand, dads who go shopping with their daughters promote openness and trust within their relationship. Therefore, it is the potential for bonding with your daughter that should keep you from placing all of the responsibilities in someone else's hands. 

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