Mar 16, 2016

Here comes the spring 2016

Three essential tips must follow this spring for curly hair   


Finally it happened! The most desirable season for all women around the world has come! Flowers, blossom, green trees, and short skirts are everywhere. The atmosphere of love and new life overwhelms you, so it is time to take care of yourself. Let`s start from the hair. First spring days are the best time for you to start your hair recovering ritual. Winter cold, wind, and snow damaged your strands a lot; thus, you should pay more attention to your locks. To fight brittleness, dryness, split ends, and frizz you are to follow our three simple steps. Check them out and be ready to shine under the hot spring sun with your renewed beautiful hair.


#1 Visit you salon and have a nice cut
This advice can be used by the owners of all hair types, not only for curly ones. It is very important to have a fresh stylish haircut every new season. Make an appointment with your favorite stylist and add some positive emotions to your life by having a new absolutely fashionable cut. You can search for some new trends in the internet in advance or discuss your future look with your stylist. Find what fits better for you and go for it right now.

#2 Treat yourself and your hair
All treating therapies restore your hair`s moisture balance, nourish it, and enrich with vitamins and other useful proteins and minerals. Now you see why it is really important to treat your hair after cold and severe winter. Deep treatment restructures your locks and makes it look shiny and healthy. It will take you for about 30 minutes for every procedure, but you can be sure, it is worth it.

#3 Take care of your hair at home
Professional care is good; but let’s not forgets about home remedies that maintain your hair and nourish it no worse than professional products. Define your curl type and choose products that fit for you the best. Regularly condition your hair and avoid hot tools (as much as it is possible, of course), and your hair will be ready to new sunny season.

Open your personality to the whole world and enjoy spring nature around you.

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