Mar 10, 2016


Description: Finally ready to find out why your hair becomes dirty so quickly? Then learn true causes of excessive oiliness of your precious locks.
1. Frequent washing
Sad but true – the more wash, the greasier your hair becomes. Cut down on your washing frequency and you will be surprised with the result.

2. Wrong shampoo
The use of wrong shampoo often causes such a greasy effect. Information on the labels is actually helpful, so read it and make your purchases wisely.

3. Improper conditioning
Do you use your conditioner in a correct way? Keep in mind that you should avoid applying conditioner to your roots as it causes excessively greasy hair.

4. Lack of volume
Volumeless hair tends to become dirty more quickly because it lies to close to scalp. Boost your roots and have no fear of oiliness.

5. Too much touching
If you have a habit of constantly running your hand through your hair, then it’s time to stop. Hands transfer additional grease from other places.
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Ela March 11, 2016  

Thank you for the interesting information!

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