Mar 31, 2016

Make Up Tips for Job Seekers

When seeking for jobs in Yangon, a woman must look her best to attract future employers; after all, first impressions do matter and more often than not, we do judge a person by their cover. In this case your cover is your outward appearance which includes not just your clothing, but your face as well. Nowadays makeup has become quite a necessity and a well done face is sometimes considered a work of art. Unfortunately, a great number of ladies have no idea what proper job seeking makeup is. To help you snag that dream job, here are some terrific makeup tips. 
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The skin is your base, where all the magic happens. Do away with the multiple layers of foundation as well as the several shades lighter powder. What you want is to simply even out your skintone. If you want to use foundation, choose one that matches your skintone. For best results, try it on your neck and wait for 30 minutes, especially if you are a first time buyer as you might not know if you have acidic skin or not.  If foundation is not your thing, a CC cream or BB cream will do the job.


Pimples are among a woman's top ten enemies, especially if said blemish dares to appear on the day of your job interview. Hide it away with a woman's secret weapon: concealer. Partnered with a good color corrector and for sure that little spot is as good as gone. If it's a bit reddish, cover it with some green color corrector. Let the product set then cover with some concealer. Got tired eyes? If you have lighter skin, use a color corrector for those undereye circles and if you are medium to dark, an orange will do. After allowing it to set, cover with a concealer. Remember to go easy on the color corrector; a light coverage will do fine.


Lipstick has a certain power to it. On a day when a woman isn't in the mood for much makeup, a simple swipe of red lipstick can drastically change her look. In addition, a lipstick has multiple uses as it can be used as an emergency blush or eyeshadow. As you seek for a new job, stray away from bright, vivid colors. Instead, go for something called an MLBB or a My Lips But Better color. Choose a subtle color such as brown, beige or light coral.


Ditch the smokey eye, turquoise eyeliner and faux lashes while you job seek. Remember, this is something a little more formal, not a party. Keep everything simple and natural not as if you are one of those models in a LED Billboard advertising in the Philippines.

When it comes to eyeliner, if you are not used to using it, go for the pencil. Line your upper lid with a brown one then smudge away. For those used to using liquid liner, don’t go overboard by doing a winged look; instead, try to just stick to a thin line.

For your mascara, try doing this little trick to avoid any clumps: starting from the base, wiggle your mascara wand as you move towards the top. A couple of swipes ought to do it. If there are any clumps, comb through them with a lash comb or a clean spoolie.

If you plan to use eyeshadow, stick to a neutral palette. For the base, use one near your skintone. Next, something in the middle will do it such as a light brown or taupe will be perfect for the crease. Finally, go for something a little darker around your outer crease like charcoal.


When it comes to blush, you can never underdo it, just either perfect it or overdo it; swipe on a light color like a pinkish-coral to give you face just a little glow.
Remember to always do a trial or run through of your makeup the day before your interview to avoid errors. Keep in mind that when it comes to makeup, practice makes perfect. Good luck on your job seeking!

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