Dec 23, 2016

Amazing Things To Do While Queueing

Regardless of what you want to buy or pay for, waiting in line is the way of life all over the globe. Whether you are queueing to buy the new iPhone or waiting to get frisked before attending a concert and even voting, you have to wait in line for your turn.

Fortunately, waiting for your turn doesn’t have to be a tedious affair where you always shift your weight from one leg to the next as you curse why you are waiting. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn the long wait into a jolly good time.

Below, we showcase some ideas you can try out the next time you are queueing and kill off the boredom:

As you wait, try your best and focus on what’s happening around you, keep your head up and your eyes peeled. Listening to the conversations around you and trying to pick up and separate smells is a sure way to keep yourself occupied. It is a great way to practice becoming more aware of your environment.

When at a grocery store, put away your phone and try and strike a conversation with someone. Try and talk about a product in the store and offer to share a healthy snack with them as you converse.

Inquire about them, their jobs and why they prefer a particular vegetable or fruit instead of another.

Carrying with you a book you’ve been putting off is also a great way to avoid getting bored while queueing and catching up with what you’ve kept at bay. Your phone has several apps for digital books, there’s no need of carrying a physical book.

Don’t let the people surrounding you become “invisible”, use your imagination to create storylines about them. Observe their dress code, how they act, talk or how they look at people around them to create interesting stories in your head about them.

Heck, why not involve them in your imagination, speak to one or two people and ask them to join your air band to kill the boredom and provide the rest of the crowd with some needed entertainment. Allow them to choose their preferred instrument and play a popular song. This one is for the eccentrically outgoing and may not be the first step in talking to strangers if you’re a little shy.

Go on your phone and select an app you can create a to-do-list. In that list make two columns of the good and bad things that have happened in your life recently. Start going through the things you’ve listed and see where you went wrong and what you need to do to eliminate the cons.

Conversations about current topics never hurt anyone. Strike a rapport with the person in front or behind you by posing them a question about the economy or the climate change your country is going through.

Such conversations are general and are sure to elicit an intelligent conversation one that will be picked up by others around you. If you have a busy life and are always working even outside the office and you need to clear some work, you can use this time to read those emails you starred and send back replies.  

You can as well take out your calendar and go through your appointments canceling out the ones you’ve attended or planning to skip. You can even use this time to look for discounts before your vacation time so that you can get the best bargains. 

In conclusion, remember these tips as they might come in handy the next time you find yourself in a rather long line! 

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sm December 26, 2016  

nice ideas but now a days many people do not like to talk

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