Dec 31, 2016

Create Different Looks with Kimono Cardigan

First of all, I want to say Happy New Year 2017; wish you all the best! The New Year also means warmer season is going to come very soon. Girls, do you want to welcome the warmer weather by adding something new into your day-to-day wardrobe? It would be great to shop a new kimono cardigan since recently it becomes a big fashion trend for spring and summer.
Black 3/4 Sleeve Embroidered Floral Kimono from Nabisplace - Price: $89.00
Belt your kimono!
Why many women love this kind of outfit? We know that a cardigan is a collarless jacket –usually knitted garment- with an open front that can be attached with buttons, hooks or a zipper or else made without buttons in more modern designs; while a kimono is a traditional Japanese full-length thick robe. Kimono cardigans which popular nowadays are different but still inspired by those Japanese kimonos.

Can be worn as tops or outerwear for different occasions during warmer days, kimono jackets are perfect to mix with or to add layers on varied clothes.  Today’s pieces come to you in various light fabrics, attractive patterns, colors, designs and lengths. Most of the items are loose, lightweight, flowy and airy. When searching for well made and well designed kimono in cardigan style, you can find it online at fashion stores such as StyleWe which could be your most favorite as it offers high quality and original designer fashion items from their independent designers. Their unique online shopping platform allows you to access affordable designer fashion and every designer can grow their brands worldwide.  
White Casual Viscose Kimono from Q2 – Price:$99.00
Mix it with jeans and sleeveless top
3/4 Sleeve V Neck Casual Kimono from ELENYUN – Price:$84.99
Long kimono over a short dress
As mentioned before, you can wear a cardigan typed kimono to create different styles that suit your occasion. For examples, you can get new look at once by pairing it with long sleeve romper, maxi dress, short dress, jumpsuit or combining it with tops such as tees, crop top, tank top and bottoms like shorts, skirt, jeans, leggings. Using a belt, you can also turn a long kimono into a dress.

You can create many other appearances that you want; just be creative and confident. Whatever style that it shows at last, a kimono top is always a comfortable and beautiful piece that you can count on to look chic and fabulous!

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