Dec 24, 2016

How to make Mutton Curry?

Mutton curry is an Indian curry dish which formally originated in the state of Bengal. It is delicious, soft tendered chunk of lamb meat in Indian style with spiced onion and tomato gravy. Mutton curry is also known by various other names, some people call it as Goat curry, some call it as kosha mangsho and lamb curry.
The mutton curry may be deliciously served with steamed white rice or it can also be served with raji, a cereal. Originally in earlier days’ mutton curry used to be prepared by heating it on fire in a large pot. But now the cooking style has been changed a little, in spite of using a large pot it may now be cooked in a pressure cooker or slow cooker.

There are various variations of mutton curry, some of them are discussed below:
       Railway mutton curry:
This variation of mutton curry is a British Raj colonial-era dish that was served on long distance trains. This dish was used to be served with the dinner rolls. If look in the present scenario, some restaurants used to serve this dish. One of the restaurant which could be named is Oh! Calcutta! restaurant in Kolkata, India. This variation of mutton curry is prepared using a coconut milk base.

       Kosha mangsho:
It is one of the variations of mutton curry which can also be said as the Bengali version. Traditionally it is prepared as a part of celebration of Kali Puja specifically in the states of Bengal.
The kosha mangsho is less juice and as compared to other mutton curry, the content of gravy is more. Basically it is a tradition dish of Bengal therefore it is prepared in a kosha style. This style of cooking helps in retaining the flavour of mutton and moisture with the help of using sautéing and slow cooking method. 92 years old restaurant in Kolkata named Golbari is famous and specialises in this dish.

The ingredients required for making mutton curry and its detailed recipe is given below:
Ingredients Required:
For marination:
       300 grams of boneless mutton
       1 ¼ tea spoon of ginger garlic paste
       ½ tea spoon of red chilli powder
       ¼ tea spoon of turmeric powder
       2 table spoon of curd
       Salt as per taste
For the curry:
       1 ¼ to ½ table spoon of oil
       Cinnamon stick of 1 inches approx.
       2 green cardamoms
       2 tea spoon of meat masala
       1 large spring curry leaves
       Green chillies slit 1
       1 cup of fined chopped onion
       ¼ cup of tomatoes puree
       ½ cup of water
       Coriander leaves of garnishing purpose


Firstly, marinate mutton with ginger garlic paste, then put some turmeric powder on it. Now add some red chilli powder on it and salt as per taste. Now add curd on the marinated mutton and put it in refrigerator for at least 2 hours or so. Before starting cooking keep the meat out of the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.  Now heat oil in a pan and sauté cardamom and cinnamon for 2 minutes.

Now add onion to it and sauté until golden. Put the flame of the burner as low as possible and now add a marinated meat to it, sauté it for 7 to 8 minutes. Put the lid of the pan and cook it covered for at least 10 minutes. Add meat masala to it, only when u see the moisture begin to release and sauté it for 5 to7 minutes. 

Now add curry leaves and tomato puree and sauté it till the raw smell of tomatoes goes away. Add water and pressure cook it for 3 to 4 whistle on a medium flame. When pressure goes off stir the curry and then serves mutton masala with roti, rice or paratha. The only thing I hate about Mutton is it is made on low heat so as to retain its moisture and juicy nature which makes me or any mutton lover wait a lot. This dish is just mouth- watering that you just want to go have it now…

Keep cooking… enjoy eating it!

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