Sep 29, 2017

Crocs and Uggs Make Appearance At New York Fashion Week 2017

Fashion is unpredictable. Things become a trend and leave through the back door in a mere matter of months. Designers come up with all sorts of fancy fashions all the time. In this ever-changing world, some major unveilings happen during events like the New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week 2017

Just like the previous years, 2017 also welcomed a bunch of unique trends to follow. Let’s go through some that gained great popularity after being featured in the fashion week.

Red Defines It

If there were to be one word to describe this year’s fashion, it would be “red”. Yes, the color was a continuous sight throughout the week and has been so in the months that have followed.

Whether it is the classy winter coats or the long leather boots, if it isn’t red, it’s old, dark, and dull.

The reason why it caught the world’s eye was that monochromatic looks of red were being showcased.

The Plaid

No, we aren’t in the 70s, but plaid has been brought back to life. The unique print that once used to define the 70s era will share its fame with 2017.

However, this time, the designs will be more versatile, more formal, more classic, more Prada!



This year, there seemed to be a particular emphasis on footwear. The entire week, we continued to see Ugg boots and Crocs being featured.

In fact, this was among the key talking points of the whole fashion week.

Will these Ugg and Crocs be making a comeback? Well, they might already have. There is no denying the fact that people love Uggs.

They might not be party wear for many, but designers and the elite of the fashion industry want them to be one.

They apparently don’t want Uggs to be footwear worn while going for walks on the weekends, or just something ‘casual’ to wear while running errands.


Uggs and Crocs

The combination that has been overwhelming a majority is soft Uggs with plastic Crocs.

If you think Uggs and Crocs are making their way in the US only, you’ll be surprised to find that a British designer has also featured them recently.

Christopher Kane showcased his new line of Crocs lined with fur, which was a clear indication that Uggs and Crocs are back.

As things are going, it is evident that this fashion will only continue to blossom till 2018’s New York Fashion Week.

The O’Neil Show

The 2017 Presentation of Thaddeus O’Neil featured Uggs in a fashionable contemporary manner too.

It had partnered with Uggs which allowed the models to wear Uggs Classic Minis for the presentation.

The reason why we believe Uggs are back in fashion is that O’Neil’s partnership was not a one-time thing for a presentation.

Rob Koenen from Uggs for men believes that this partnership will continue to flourish for long and that the collaboration only showcases contemporary fashion.

Enticed by where the fashion trends are headed? Go ahead and get yourself Crocs or Uggs and stay trendy.

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