Sep 15, 2017

How to Plan a Wedding on a Beach | Destination, Package & Planner

The only day more perfect than when he pops the question is the day you both
finally get to say "I do". Unfortunately, the lead up to this monumental moment can be incredibly stressful - especially when choosing a venue! Of course, you can never go wrong with a romantic beach wedding with the sand in your toes and the wind in your hair. No matter what time of year, a beach wedding is the perfect location for the biggest day of your life. Here's how to plan a beautiful beach wedding!

Choosing the Wedding Destination
You've decided that the day of your dreams should be spent on a sunshiny beach, but which beach wedding destination is perfect for your day? There are a lot of factors that should go into planning the location of your big day, which can seem to make the whole ordeal incredibly stressful. Luckily, answering them one by one actually minimizes your long list of options down to a select few that will all be exactly what you need!

The first question to answer is whether or not there is a beach location that has any specific meaning to you or your significant other. If your first kiss or first couples vacation was to a specific beach, it may hold enough meaning to you that you choose to celebrate your wedding in the same spot.

Perhaps your grandparents brought you to a beach every Summer while growing
up, or perhaps you vacationed there with your family every year. Deciding whether or not you have any sentimental connections to a beach location can help you decide on the perfect location.

Second, you need to consider the weather. If you are planning to have a Summer wedding, almost any beach will be in the perfect conditions for a wedding.

However, if you are hoping to be wed in the Winter months, you'll be limited to
somewhere more tropical. Be sure to check out reports on the average state of the weather in your location in past years. If your favorite beach location is prone to hurricanes the month of your wedding, it might be best to cross it off your list.

Choosing the Wedding Package
Choosing a wedding package is largely based on who you know and how much you want to spend. There will be a variety of wedding packages available to you, and their respective costs will come in a wide range.

If you're happy with just the cost of a venue, parking, and an officiant, most regular packages will suit you. These packages are generally on the less expensive side, and tend to cover just the bare minimum that your wedding will need.

However, if you're prepared to go all out, pricier packages that cover almost your every need will lower your stress level as almost everything is done for you. These wedding packages generally include services such as: venue, parking, officiant, reception venue, catering, decorations, vendors, and photo shoots.

Of course, if your cousin happens to be a DJ and your best friend does senior
portraits, it may be worth it to go for a more basic package and allow those close to you to help you make the big day a success!

Choosing a Wedding Planner

Choosing a wedding planner is all about control. How much do you want? If you like to have a hand in every pot and a bit of control over how everything is doing, you might want to stick to hiring a planner who will act more as a personal assistant.

You don't want to be wasting your time butting heads when you should be
scheduling vendors. However, if planning and organizing is not your thing, finding a planner that will take every aspect out of your hands except for saying "I do" is the perfect option for you.

No matter when you celebrate your wedding, make sure the best day of your life onthe beach of your dreams is perfect!

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