Jan 19, 2018

Tape In vs Clip In Hair Extensions: How To Choose Which Hair Extension Method Is Right For You

Over the last couple of years, there has been a lot of buzz about tape in hair extensions. Now, more and more ladies are wondering whether this seemingly innovative new product is worth their time and money. For the beauty industry, convenience is everything. While most girls don’t exactly rue the time spent applying lipstick, creating the perfect smoky eye, or straightening curls to perfection, sometimes a little bit of speed is essential.
Can tape in extensions provide more quality and convenience than the traditional clip in hair extensions?

The tape used for tape in extensions is much finer but much stickier than standard stuff, the truth is that applying these hair extensions involves a lot of pulling and more than a few sharp yelps. The official verdict is still out and whether they can do any real damage to natural hair, but for some, there is just something terribly unappealing about having to tear out strips of sticky tape off otherwise healthy hair follicles.

Are tape on hair extensions strong enough to go the distance?

Well, surprisingly they do seem to have quite a lot of strength behind them. You could be forgiven for thinking that a little strip of tape would not be enough to hold up an entire extension piece, but if applied meticulously, this product will last almost as long as clip in extensions. If you are interested in learning more about tape in hair extensions visit the experts at https://ehhairextensions.com.au/tape-extensions/.

Ask a friend to help you apply your tape in extensions

The tape in extension is affixed by securing sections of hair between two corresponding strips of tape, so it is not as if you are hanging the weight of a hairpiece of a tiny bit of adhesive. Once again though, the problem is that it can be difficult to apply them in a way that guarantees a reasonably long lifespan. In fact, ideally, you should draft in a friend to help you, especially if you are looking to have tape in extensions last all day.

Tape in vs Clip ins: You decide

If we compare tape in extensions to clip in extensions, it’s easy to see the difference when it comes to application and wear. Yes, clip in products often have to bow down to the much more expensive salon exclusive products, but is that not their principle function anyway.

The bottom line is that tape in extensions kind of go against everything that we know about taking care of natural hair. They might offer a seamless finish, and even promise to create a more natural blend between your hair and an extension piece, but they cannot promise to offer the best possible care for your tresses. Clip in extensions put no more strain on your natural hair than tying your hair and putting it up into a tight ponytail — which option do you think will treat your hair with the most gentle touch?

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