Jan 8, 2018

The Role of Toys in Your Child’s Early Age Development

Working men and women would agree that nannies and toys are perhaps the most useful ways in which they can keep their little ones busy, safe and entertained. 

But what most people are unaware of is that toys serve a greater purpose in your child’s life than just entertainment. Let’s take a look at how toys play a significant role in the early age of your child’s life:

1.   Development of Language Skills

An infant has an observant mind. They may not entirely comprehend what is being said, but they are definitely picking things up that they hear and watch around themselves. Even when you are cooing and talking in weird voices with your child, they are actually learning and absorbing everything that they hear. The gurgles that an infant makes are their attempt at reciprocating the conversation or just an attempt to express their emotions. This is why it is important to buy toys that have melodies and baby rhymes that they can listen to. Not only do these songs entertain and soothe your child, they also greatly assist in developing their speaking skills.

2.   Development of Fine and Gross Motor Skills

When you give your toddler a toy such as a fluffy bear or a rattle, the first and foremost thing they do is to clutch it in their hands. This allows the development of fine skills since your child will be utilizing their fingers and hands to grasp the toy in the earliest stages of their life. When your child grows a little, you will often notice them take the toys, such as a rattle, into their mouth. This allows the development of their gross motor skills.

3.   Development of Cognitive Skills/ Constructive Thinking

The element of wonder is developed in the earliest stages of your child’s life. The little toddler already knows that it is mommy who will feed them. But to nurture it further, toys play a vital role. Puzzles, block buildings, stack rings are some of the toys that allow your child to learn how to place objects in the right places and fit the missing pieces. This in actuality nurtures their ability to think constructively.

4.   Development of Emotional Stability

Spending time with your little one, playing with toys that amuse them allows your child to develop emotional stability at an early age. Having someone care for them and play with them allows them to build a sense of safety, security and being loved. You can always buy puzzles and games from https://www.goodtoplay.com/.

5.   Development of Social Skills

Social skills are an essential part of one’s life. This is why constructing your child’s social skills from an early stage is necessary. Complimenting your child’s way of playing with toys, instructing them how not to bite the toy and encouraging them to share their toys with siblings or other kids develops their social awareness and method of interaction.

The way you shape your child is basically how you construct a future adult. So stay caring and stay vigilant!

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