Jan 9, 2018


Fans are the most crucial component to be present in a room. There are various types of fans, and tower fans are one of them. It gives more air circulation than the ceiling fans. The reason behind it is that it has a large vent of a more extensive area which enables a more significant amount of air flow. So, these are more comfortable in comparison to any other types of fans. The cost is also minimal, it can be a bit pricy than the ceiling fans but definitely less costly than air conditioning.

Tower fans need not be hung from the ceiling, it is just placed inside the room. The oscillation of the tower fans is more or less similar as normal fans, the only unique thing is that it gives wide circulation of air and it distributes the air at an angle of 90 degree. A controller is present and it functions the same as regulators in the fans. It increases or decreases the speed of rotation of blades and also there is a timer present where you can set the time before shutting it down. There are also ionizers present which does the work of air purifier. It removes the impurities present in the air and releases fresh air. Modern tower fans also come with remote control where you can operate the regulator and controller by sitting any corner of the room.

The most important features of the tower fan to be kept in mind before buying it.
·         NOISE - Most of the tower fans make noise so before buying it one should make sure to check the fan in the shop whether it makes a smooth sound which is manageable and doesn't disturb us or the surroundings.
·         REMOTE CONTROL- Make sure that the remote control works correctly, and it can operate the fan even from a greater distance. One should also ensure that one can control all the keys using the remote securing the system to be working correctly.
·         SPACE- It should not occupy a larger area. Lesser the size more is the comfort. While keeping the fan on the floor one should put a mat or cloth type between the floor and fan to ensure that the fan does not scratch the floor.
·         POWER OPTIONS - The fan must be capable of having different power or energy saver modes where you can adjust the power. Suppose if there is a low voltage condition then one should not need to opera the fan in high power mode. So adjustable power mode is required.
·         USER-FRIENDLY- To operate it one should not take much pain in comprehending the instructions. It must be user-friendly so that anyone can run it just by seeing the controls picture. Hence it should be user-friendly and easy to work.

These were some of the prominent features that must be taken care of while buying a quietest tower fan ensuring that the purchased tower fan is not only people friendly but also environment-friendly in long terms. 

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