Feb 5, 2018

Best Freelance Writing Jobs for Women

Millions of people are now working from the comfort of their homes, women included.  You may be interested to know the type of jobs that keep enterprising women in the freelance work going stronger every new day. With even many others probably contemplating joining the movements out there, it is agreeable that anyone who is yet to get started is likely to do so in the nearest future. 

It has often been said, freelance work is the job of the future and the sooner you realize that custom paper writer can rake up to a six-figure income every month, the more you will get motivated.

Opportunities are everywhere

Now, many will begin to wonder. Is writing papers for pay the only thing I will be doing as an independent worker or there is more than just that?  While it can be quite challenging to a freelance newbie to get started with well-paying gigs, consistency is all one needs to reach the top.

Stories of people who started and ended up becoming some of the most successful in freelancing are not far-fetched. Women who have beaten the odds of life to become top writers in the enterprise are more than an inspiration.  They are a testimony to just what determination and self-actualization really mean.

Freelance writing jobs for women

What men do, women can do better is agreeably a popular phrase and is perfectly applies here.  You must have heard of, if not read some exceptional pieces of literature crafted by women. And I guess you will be more than glad to join the league of top-achieving women as a writer who makes an impact on her audience.

Well, you are no far from it. The catch is; what are the most suitable jobs for women?  In this post, I sample some of the gigs that suit you. Take a look.

Write for women magazines

The gig economy has not left anything to chance and to a woman who still wants to feel like she is working in the publication industry, it is an experience you can have right in the comfort of your home. Magazine writing jobs are among the top gigs women can bid on and get a chance to churn inspiring stories for publications on women health and lifestyle.

Content writing

This is the most lucrative area in the freelancing space. And it is interesting to note that women make the largest percentage of content writers today at a whopping 53% according to entrepreneur.com. So, whether you want to write articles about women fitness issues or fashion matters, the choice is yours.

Content curation

Another area that is increasingly becoming popular among women who bid on freelance jobs is content curation. There is nothing difficult about putting together related pieces of information drawn from all around the web into a single powerful post. That’s what curation is all about and it may just turn out to be the perfect job for you.

In summary, the freelance world is free for everyone and women the fact that women make up the largest composition makes it even more interesting. The independence and autonomy that comes with independent working are other things that will keep hooked to gigs.

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Mas Donda February 15, 2018  

Be a writer-preneur is good for women, so they could spend their spare time wisely. Maybe they must learn from J.K. Rowling experince.

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