Feb 19, 2018

Look Breathtakingly Beautiful Like Venus at Your ‘Greek Mythology’ Themed Prom Night

So finally, the prom night date has been declared in your school and now, you just can’t wait to make a stunning entry at the party, turn heads and of course, sweep every guy off his feet, right? Well, I can totally understand that butterflies are literally fluttering inside your tummy. But, you need to control your excitement and focus on the attire you are going to wear. But before that let me ask you, what’s the theme? What? Its ‘Greek Mythology’? Well, that’s a smashing theme! However, before you customize a prom dress for this special day, please make sure you decide which goddess you would like to look or dress up like. If you ask me I would suggest, look as stunning as Venus- the goddess of beauty, desire and fertility.
Now you must be wondering, how will you look like her? Well, that’s not a big deal! Just browse the internet and you’ll come across a few paintings and get an idea. Or else, just keep reading my blog as here, I’m going to give you the details about the kind of dress that will make you look like her. And believe me or not, I took the ideas about her dresses not from any Google picture but, solely from a book named ‘Venus: Goddess of Love and Beauty’. Hence, you can completely rely on my blog when it comes to customizing Venus-inspired long prom dresses.

Three Words to Describe Venus- Sultry, Sexy & Sober
Since Venus is the goddess of love, passion and desire, her pictures show dresses that were just mind-bogglingly appealing. Her dresses had a balance between sultriness, and soberness. Hence, when you are customizing a prom dress for yourself, make sure it has the right balance of all these three things that are mentioned above.

Want me to guide you to customize a “Venus-like” prom dress? Well then, just keep reading!

  • Sexy and Sultry Features that You Can Add to the Dress

If you want your prom dress to look sexy and sultry, then please make sure you focus on the three major features - the neckline, backline and of course, the sleeves.

According to the book, Venus always donned dresses which gave a pretty good sneak peek of skin. Hence, in such a case, I would suggest you go for a bold neckline such as plunged, sweetheart or asymmetric neckline. And to go with that, you need to choose a bold backline too such as backless, keyhole or illusion neckline (made of beautiful Alencon lace).

Now, let’s talk about the sleeves. Since you are already including a bold, skin showing neckline and backline, it would be wise if you choose sleeves that are stylish yet sober such as jewel or cape sleeves. I would say go for cape sleeves as it will add a regal and sober factor to the dress.

Additional Tip: To amplify the sexy factor, ask your designer to add a thigh-high slit.

  •  Subtle Colors are What She Loved

There’s no doubt that she is the ultimate goddess who had fuming passion inside her. So logically, she is supposed to love shades that belong to the color red. But actually, her pictures show the opposite - that is light colored dresses (mostly pastel shades). Hence, I would suggest you choose a dress that is fabricated using a pastel-colored material. Some of the colors you can choose are lilac, peach, frosty blue, or just go for white! I would personally recommend you to choose white as this color itself is very subtle yet eye-catchy. And yes, it would make you look like the “true goddess”.

  • Material Should Have a Romantic Feel to It

Lastly, the material you will be picking should have a romantic feel to it because according to the book ‘Venus: Goddess of Love and Beauty’, the beautiful Greek goddess always preferred wearing long dresses made of a romantic material such as satin, tulle or chiffon.

Please See: Amongst these three materials, the one that has a tinge of romance more is tulle. So, try to customize a tulle dress; and yes, make sure the hemline is long.

Additional Stylizing Tips:
  • Wear an olive tiara (could be made with real olive leaves or else, purchase a fancy metal one)
  • Keep the makeup minimal, just work on your eyes. Either go for a Smokey eye look or apply smooth shimmery eyeshadow. And yes, not to forget, loads of mascara.

So now, will you be able to instruct your designer and ask him/her to tailor a long prom dress that is inspired by goddess Venus? If yes, then waste no more time and go for it!

Author bio- Jane is a fashion designer-cum-blogger who has written several blogs on short and long prom dresses. To get tips on designing of cheap prom dresses, follow her blogs.

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