Apr 25, 2018

5 Cool Things Woman Should Have On Her Work Desk

As a professional woman, your desk and office become your home away from home while you're at work. Since so much of your waking time is spent at your desk, it seems reasonable that you should have some familiar comforts at your desk as well as some other fun things for office desk. Below, you will find five cool things that you should have on your work desk as a working woman.

1. Emergency Cosmetics

While you're at work, you're expected to look professional. This is an easy task when you dress and prepare yourself in the morning before work. Once you're at work and the day continues on, your professional cosmetic artistry will begin to fade or smear due to physical exertions, being rubbed, or sweating. Keep a discrete bag or basket of emergency touch-up cosmetics on your work desk to ensure that you can fix your professional look at any time during the day when a cosmetic crisis strikes.

2. Brain Teasers

Aging is a natural part of a woman's life that can take a toll on your body in many different ways. One of the most prominent ways that aging can take a toll on a woman is by shrinking the brain and causing a myriad of brain-related conditions including memory impairment. Stress is also a culprit when it comes to brain impairments, which is a fairly common emotion felt at your place of employment.

To combat both aging and stress, it's a great idea to keep a set of brain teasers on your work desk. Brain teasers offer a wide range of benefits to keep your brain young, healthy, and functioning at an optimal level. There are many different types of puzzles for adults including wood games, puzzle rings, 3D puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and more.

3. Lotions and Hand Creams

There is something wonderful about the scents of your favorite hand lotions. A lot of popular lotions and hand creams are rich with comforting scents or exotic aromas. This is due to the fact that these scents provide a range of psychological benefits in the form of aromatherapy. If you have a stressful job or are prone to bad days, keeping a stash of scented lotions or hand creams on your desk can help give your bad day a pleasant boost. Not only are the scents beneficial but the bright colors of scented lotions and hand creams can give your mind a mental lift as certain colors have certain effects on the brain.

4. Healthy Snacks

During a hard day at the office, you're going to need an energy boost to get you through the last half of your day. It's easy to go grab a salty or sugary processed snack from a vending machine or order in something fried and covered in sauces when a snack craving strikes. Instead of giving in to this ultimately unhealthy craving, keep a basket of healthy snacks on your desk. Snacks such as fresh fruit, granola bars, yogurt bars, and nuts can add a rustic aesthetic to your desk as well. Keeping a basket of healthy snacks will not only boost your energy levels but will also help to regulate your weight.

5. Interactive Desk Toys

Interactive desk toys can be very cool things to put on your desk at work. Not only can these displays provide you with a splash of color but they can also provide soothing sounds, comforting motions, and double as a desk utility item depending on what you choose. Some of the most popular types of interactive desk toys are miniature water fountains, LED fishtanks, hand puzzles, and other gadgets that would serve as entertainment for you throughout your work day.

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