Apr 6, 2018

Top tips for keeping your carpet top notch

Top tips for keeping your carpet top notch

There isn’t a better feeling than coming home from work, taking your shoes off, and relaxing on the couch, feet touching your soft, comfortable carpet below. If only that feeling could last forever, and that things such as wear and tear, flattened carpet fibres, and furniture marks didn’t exist. Luckily for you, there are some tips that you can do to rectify all of these, all of which can be done with very little effort and which take up very little time. What’s more, no change is needed to you or your family’s daily routine, which seems like a good deal given that you get a healthy and vibrant carpet in return.


Vacuum regularly

This one is pretty clear cut, but you’d be surprised. The recommended quantity of times to get the vacuum cleaner out is once a week at the minimum, and at least twice for those with either large homes or a large number of individuals in the family. This will help to keep the carpet looking great, as well as keeping dirt, dust, and grime to a minimum.

Occasionally move furniture

One of the curses of carpets is the dints that furniture leaves in their fibres. Unsightly squares of flatness can appear, turning the carpet more into a patchwork quilt than something comfortable to use. Whilst we’re not suggesting to rotate the orientation of your room, even the slightest movements either side to side of your furniture will help the affected fibres to recover.

Use carpet protector

Carpet protector creates a barrier that protects your carpet fibres from dust, dirt, grime, and – most importantly – stains. Whilst you will still need to clean the area immediately in the event of an accident, you can do so without the panicked frenzy of worrying whether it will leave a stain. Carpet protector is also highly recommended for homes that have pets, too.

Air carpeted rooms when you can

Even simple things such as opening windows can make a huge difference to the health of your carpets. Not only will it help to make the area fresher, but it will allow the carpet fibres to breathe, removing the dust and dirt that can sometimes build up over time. For really old carpets, airing the place out can remove any deep seated odours that have engrained themselves into the surface for years.

Use cleaning products

Dedicated carpet cleaning products that you can buy from your local supermarket are a perfect way to keep the surface smelling great and feeling rejuvenated. There are many products that do specific things, such as deodorising, recolouring, and hygienic treatment, and depending on the issue, using these occasionally will make a huge difference to the overall health of your carpet.

Hire a professional

Out of all of the little things that you can do, there is no substitute for hiring a professional carpet cleaner, whilst keeping in line with the ethos of this article of minimal effort and excellent results. 

Melbourne Carpet cleaners can revitalise even the most tired of carpeted surfaces, restoring them to their former glory, all for what will prove to be a highly affordable price.

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