May 24, 2018

5 Fitness Tips for Work From Home Women

It is now becoming a trend that people stay at home for work. Gone are the days when you will still have to get stuck in traffic or even invest in two cars for both you and your spouse because both have to work. These days, a lot of women take the opportunity to just work at home. This way, not only can they take care of their children, they even have the opportunity to earn at the same time and build their career.

And why not work at home? It has been reported that 82% of telecommuters experience lower stress level than those who go to the workplace. And for this reason alone, working at home can be very enticing. For women who are working at home though, it is important to take a closer look at their fitness. Since you are at home, it is so easy to just stay idle and not do any physical activities. Here are some fitness tips that can help work from home women.

Prepare your meals a few days ahead

One of the things that can either make you healthy or unhealthy is the food that you eat. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to lose track of the things that they eat especially when they work at home. What you want to do is to prepare your meals a few days early. You want to dedicate a few hours making dishes preparing everything for the coming days.

Of course, you want the food to be healthy and delicious. You can read some recipes online on how to make delicious foods that are also healthy. But if you don’t have any experience working in the kitchen, an example of a quick healthy meal is chicken breast sprinkled with salt and pepper. This can already do the trick in giving you the protein that you need.

Get Motivated to Workout

You want to get motivated to do the workout. There are some people who get motivated by pumping music into their ears while there are those who get motivated by investing in gym equipment. You can buy spin bikes and have it installed in your home.

In fact, you can get creative on how to be motivated enough to be active. And the good thing is that you don’t also have to leave your own home in order to have a workout. You can always just do home workouts from kettlebell workouts to squats and even indoor cycling. And of course, one great motivator is that you can save a lot of money in the long run on your gym membership.

Also, you can pair it with cycling headphones in order to enjoy the music while you are doing your workout.

Get enough amount of sleep

Sleep is a physiologic requirement that a lot of work-from-home individuals forget. They usually work even late at night just to earn some extra cash in the process. Eventually, this could take its toll. What you want is to have a solid 8 hours of sleep every night. Not only will this give you the energy that you need for the next day, you can also think clearly.

Now, a lot of people tend to have a problem getting some sleep. If you are already suffering from insomnia, then perhaps, you want to do things slowly. You can slowly adjust your sleep earlier by an hour or two until your body adapts to your new bedtime.

Also, you can drink milk to help the body relax. You may even want to get rid of gadgets that may distract you and keep you awake. 

Focus on Building Your Fitness Level

If you are just starting to do the workouts, it is a good idea that you start slow. Instead of performing intense activities from the get-go, it is ideal that you build your fitness level slowly. This way, you don’t end up getting too burned out and you let the body adapt to your new lifestyle.

You should also take into consideration the form of your movements. This way, you can minimize the possibility of getting injured.

Invest in pre and post workout supplements

You also want to take a closer look at your supplements. Aside from the food that you eat, you also have to take into consideration the health supplements that can help speed up your recovery and optimize your performance. Both pre and post workout supplements can make a huge difference in the way you do your workouts. 

Some of the best supplements that you can go for include whey protein and branched chain amino acids. These can help give the body the amino acids needed in order to recover from a tiring workout. It can even be used to increase the amount of protein needed by the muscles when performing intense exercises. 

As for your pre-workout, you can always rely on caffeine-based products. However, you will have to also consider using it with precaution. You don’t want to be over-relying on pre-workouts in order to get motivated to do the activities. You may even develop caffeine tolerance if you are not too careful about the supplement that you take.


Women can stay fit while they work at home. Though it can be difficult considering how relaxing it can be once you are just at home. But of course, if you really want to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, you better impose self-discipline. And also, in order to get the best results, you might as well do it slowly until it becomes a habit. 

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