May 5, 2018

How to shop the LuLaRoe catalog online

Wait to you get a hold of this one. Are you ready?? It doesn't exist.GASP! How, you ask, am I supposed to order that fabulous flamingo covered pair of leggings I saw on my sister's neighbor's daughter's friend without a CATALOG?? What kind of company doesn't have a CATALOG??Well, let me tell you. LuLaRoe is a comfortable, modest clothing line with affordable clothes for men, women, and children. But unlike most retailers, LuLaRoe does things a little differently. Each piece of art is turned into about 2,500 beautiful units of clothing. These 2,500 units are spread across the 34 styles LuLaRoe produces, meaning that the final number of say, Irma tops with that print are even smaller. After those 2,500 pieces arrive in the LuLaRoe warehouse, they are distributed randomly to consultants as they place orders-and we have some 70,000 consultants (and counting!) 2,500 pieces in one print across 70,000+ consultants? That means there are a LOT of different prints needed to fill those orders. And those 2,500 pieces are gone in a flash! So the prints available at the warehouse are changing daily, even hourly-no catalog could keep up! The rapid change also means each consultant that sells gets unique, beautiful pieces in every order, most of them different from the last. This leads to an inventory specific to that consultant-an inventory that is distinct and changing. So, I guess I was wrong. LuLaRoe does have a catalog of sorts-it's their inventory! Come shop a LuLaRoe catalog by joining your favorite Facebook VIP group today. You might not find those fabulous flamingo leggings-but you WILL find something that's uniquely YOU.

How to Request a LuLaRoe Catalog

While you can visit the LuLaRoe website to get an overview of all of the styles available, there’s not a LuLaRoe catalog I can send out to you.

Wondering why?

Because all of the prints we would see in a LuLaRoe catalogue are limited edition!

That’s the great thing about the brand. There are only 5,000 items made with each print and those items are distributed across a number of styles and sizes.This means they’re very exclusive and very limited! Plus, there’s no way to order directly from LuLaRoe, so there’s no way to actually have a LuLaRoe catalog! There would be no way to include every print in a LuLaRoe clothing catalog!

Your Independent Retailer Holds the Key to Your LuLaRoe Catalog Online

Because there are so many prints always being created, there’s a huge variety available in all styles. This amazing because it means that your independent retailer has something for everyone!

It’s one of our favorite things about being LuLaRoe retailers! There’s always something different and fresh arriving! You can always join one (the name of our boutique) to see what we have in stock! We love adding new ladies to our little Lula family!

As retailers, we’re not able to order specific prints from the warehouse. We order the styles and sizes we need. That makes it exciting when our inventory order arrives!

How to Shop without a LuLaRoe Catalog Online

Shopping LuLaRoe is oh so easy. Trust me, you don’t need the latest LuLaRoe Catalog 2017 to make it happen!

For example, if you live in the Houston, Texas area, you can shop in person with a local retailer near you! Or you can shop online to see what they have available!

Some retailers only sell online while others do most of their sales through offline personal styling and pop up parties. Most do a mix of a both!

LuLaRoe consultants love the connections they make with so many amazing women through their experiences as LuLaRoe retailers!

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