May 16, 2018

Some Tips To Help You Prepare Yourself For Clinical Clerkship

Generally the medical students will have to go for clinical clerkships in the 3rd year (may vary) of their course. Until this stage, they will be under the care of teaching faculty in the medical school, and don't get to treat any patients directly, or with assistance.

Here, you get to practically use of your knowledge in actual clinical environment, under the supervision of experienced MDs. The main aim of these sessions is to help the students get hands-on experiences, in order to become excellent doctors in the future.

Preparing Yourself for Your First Day as Doctor
There are many things that you should understand and even follow in order to become a successful medical practitioner in future. Some such ideas are listed below.

  •  Contact the resident who is assigned to you to know about the time at which you should reach the work on your first day.
  •  If possible meet the student who will be vacating their place for you in any team. You can ask for many things from them such as team dynamics, expectations of your seniors from you, the best way of making it out of all clinical rotations successfully, and so on.
  • Learn everything about what you will be doing in the training including some important factors such as maintaining the records of every patient in a systematic way.
  • Prepare some clothing for the first day so that you appear professional and are all set to learn about new things on your first day of work. Try to show up few minutes earlier so as to learn more about the work such as accessing the data of the patients, where is the trainees station, and finally about the bathroom locations.

While on clinical clerkship training, you should give importance to many factors such as, showing up early and checking the current data of the patients, understanding the actual issue of every patient and finally trying to come up with an excellent treatment plan that can help them become better.

The more you show interest in your patients’ case, the higher are the chances of you representing as the primary member of the team of care-givers assigned to them. You make follow the idea of visiting your patients twice or thrice a day even though the senior doctor or resident cannot make it to the routine checkup.

Attend as much conferences that are help in the workplace as possible for increasing your knowledge about medical science. You can follow the idea of making some points from each conference and trying to learn more about such topics with the help of library books or online search tools.

Observe the way the seniors in your team assess the issue of their patients and follow the idea for developing your own skill of analyzing the problem of any patient. The more you hone the skills of decision-making, the more you will go far in medical field. Always remember that there are many things to learn about medical science.

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