Jun 20, 2018

How Obesity Negatively Affects Our Life Quality?

Obesity is a health issue that makes your life hard, which can cause a lot of physical, mental, and social problems. It is linked with metabolic syndromes like high blood pressure, poor lipid profile, and increase in blood sugar. It is a common belief that obesity or weight gain is due to lack of willpower. It is not entirely true. Overeating can be due to biological factors like hormones [insulin & leptin] and genetics. It can also be driven by enjoying high fat junk foods, excess intake of fructose or taking specific prescribed medications.

Obesity is preventable
You can avoid temporary diet and eat nutritious foods like lots of fruits and veggies, healthy fats, lean protein, practice stress reducing techniques, exercise, and get good sleep. Visit ObeseToBeast website and contact the nutrition coach. You will be directed towards the best path to attain and maintain healthy weight. Thus, enjoy high quality life.
Overweight affects your life and health in different ways!

Social issues & obesity
·         Overweight people find it hard to participate in social gatherings, so as to avoid taunts
·         Obesity is a social stigma, people believe obese people to be useless as they cannot perform certain tasks like they do
·         Heavy weight exhaust them soon and so people avoid accompanying them to shopping malls [cannot carry heavy bags or climb stairs]
·         People judge obese people by their appearance, which makes them feel lonely and deprived
·         Obese people are perceived to be lazy, which means developing friendship is hard.
·         Friends even feel them to be a burden and so cannot enjoy their lives in presence of an overweight pal
·         Usual toilet seats in malls, cinemas, and parks are designed for people with normal weight. Obese people cannot use them as they are unable to fit

These are some reasons obese people shut themselves. It needs plenty of confidence to mingle with the community along with obesity.

Physical issues & obesity
·         Overweight is the cause of several health issues like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and even cancer
·         Excess weight can introduce joint pain, fatigue, respiratory issues, etc.
·         Dental problems also get triggered because of eating plenty of sugary food
Obesity impacts health and life quality

Psychological issues & obesity
·         Excessive weight makes people anxious and depressed, which affects daily life activities
·         You can struggle with low self-esteem that can make you tolerate mistreatment or punishing oneself using drugs or alcohol
·         Overweight can hamper your sexual life, which can be scary and make you feel depressed
·         Lack of mental satisfaction can trigger hyper tension and sleep issues
·         Society desires thin person and if you are obese then you will not feel mentally relaxed
·         Obese people find it hard to get coveted job, which can affect their finances making them struggle
·         Single obese person can find it hard to date because attracting a desired partner is hard and you cannot enjoy fun activities like hiking and biking together

The solution is to take preventive measures and if necessary consult nutrition coaches to start a healthy eating and exercising routine, thus transform your lifestyle.

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