Apr 29, 2019

Artificial Intelligence giving a boost to the manufacturing sector!

Artificial Intelligence is no more futuristic approach or seems very far away to adopt. We are living in a world where are heavily surrounded by the AI systems and we are becoming dependent on them as well. They are offering much more than any other technology. GPS has become more accurate and easy to use than spatial navigation. Not only this, we are becoming very habitual of using Apple’s Siri or be it Amazon’s Echo. They have made our lives much easier. And it is also predicted that we will achieve the AI running programs with 5000 IQ. There is also a possible way that these technologies have the potential to remove half of the human jobs which are especially white color jobs. 

With new algorithms and data manipulations, we are able to make most out of the data which is relevant for growth. But in this article, we are going to focus on what is the role of artificial intelligence in manufacturing companies and how it can bring revolution to them.
The manufacturing industry is always keen to adopt various types of technologies and they have welcomed Artificial Intelligence with open arms. With the new advancement in this technology, they are pursuing the dream of using this intelligent engine to drive most part of the industry which will include supply chain, design team, production line, and quality control and make them networked. So following are the benefits of having in technology in manufacturing area:

Smart maintenance

It is often seen that the machinery maintenance in the production line is the major expense in the industry and it affects the overall cost of maintaining the plant. There are often cases when the machinery malfunction results in losses which account up to $10,000. But with the help of AI-driven technology and machine learning, we are able to maintain the maintenance of the machinery as they are loaded with algorithms which are designed to predict the next failure of a part, machine or system.

Rise in Quality

In this era of industrialization and modernization, there are many deadlines which the companies have to meet along with having good quality assurance of the product as well. This becomes difficult when the companies are wholly depended on the manpower. So with the help of an AI-based system, the quality control can be maximized and it becomes more efficient and the companies will be able to meet more deadlines along with the assured quality product.

Becoming adaptive to market changes

There are ongoing market trends in the industry and they change very often. But these ai based systems have the ability to walk with them. They are able to predict the market demand o the product and assumptions that are necessary for the sales. They are able to predict the market by looking for patterns linking location, socioeconomic and macroeconomic factors. This also includes weather patterns, political status, along with consumer behavior and many more.

Indeed, the revolution period is going on for ai in the manufacturing sector and it is sure to have more hikes in the coming days.

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