Apr 11, 2019

Women's Trench Coat: Fashionable and Comfortable

A trench coat was developed as an alternative to heavy overcoats for soldiers during the First World War, but today trench coats for women are trendy and stylish. They not only protect you from the rain and wind but add a certain chic to your appearance. They are fashionable and functional at the same time. Nowadays, women have a great collection to choose from, but there was a time when there was only one color and that was tan. Women's trenchcoatscome in colors including bright red, yellow, blue, pink, orange, etc. It enables women to add more stylish trench coats in their wardrobe collection. You can wear them for business purposes and more formal occasions. Actress Priyanka Chopra attended the Met Gala dressed as a sexy red carpet detective by wearing a custom Ralph Lauren trench-coat gown.

How To Choose The Perfect Trench Coat

When shopping for a trench coat, you should think about the style you want to purchase. They come in a number of different styles and colors. Lilac blue, citrus lime and vibrant green color trench coats are hitting the runways strong. For feminine and girlish look, you can select different shades of pink. The cropped trench coat can look fantastic when paired over a long t-shirt and tight jeans or over a dress. More elegant colors and patterns that include stripes, plaid, even polka dots are becoming more fashionable. Soft leather which is smooth and flexible is one of the best fabrics to wear.

The coat should not be too big and bulky and should fit well with the curves of the body. Length of the trench coat is an important aspect while shopping. If you select a trench coat that is too long, you might be constantly tripping over it. Newer and trendy coats are made to extend to a point just above the knees for women. Sleeves can be selected based on body type. Women with more muscular or larger arms should stay away from short sleeves. Kimono type sleeves have a bell shape and narrow on top and broaden out towards your hands and can be worn by everyone. Designers are coming out with a trench coat that looks more like a dress.

Trench Coats: A Choice for Winter Wear

Women are more susceptible to the cold compared to men. Women should always have reliable outwear like trench coats in their closets to keep them warm when they step out. Trench coats can be an alternative for women who wear over-sized jackets. Wearing them during winter can keep you warm and also make you look sophisticated and elegant.

Custom-made Trench Coats Online

Conduct research online to find what material and color shade will match your skin tone and preference. You can design your own custom-made trench coat online. Select the fabric, style, and accents based on your preference and style. Women's online clothing store like sumissura provides 3D Designer option to design your coat. Visit https://www.sumissura.com to add a trendy trench coat to your wardrobe.

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