Apr 23, 2019

Most Popular Type of Silk Saree in India

India is known for its rich heritage, its traditional culture and also for its festival. The Sarees are one of the most popular Indian ensembles of women which makes up the culture and heritage of India. Amongst all fabrics, Silk has always been loved by women of India. Silk is considered as a rich and royal fabric in olden days of Maharaja and Royal families who preferred to done it.

     Kanjivaram Silk Saree (Price Range Rs.7,000 to Rs.2,00,000)
Kanjivaram Silk Sarees belong to South India. Kanjivaram silk is also known as kanchipuram silk. It is traditionally woven in silk from the village called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. It comes in vibrant colour with contrast graceful border which is weaved with pure golden and silver zari from Gujarat. The weave motifs in the sarees are made of temple borders as their main design pattern.
     Banarasi Silk Saree (Price Range Rs.3,000 to Rs.2,00,000)
A Banarasi saree originated in Varanasi which also known as Banaras which in Uttar Pradesh. Banarasi Silk Saree is always a priority choice for an Indian bride. Weave of Gold and silver brocade is the most dominant part of the saree. There are four types of Banarasi silk sarees known as, Shattir, Tanchoi, Organza and Katan(pure silk).
     Patola Silk Saree (price range from Rs.80,000 to Rs.300,000)
Pure Patola saree is usually a weave in silk of double ikat design made in Patan, Gujarat. The beauty of this saree is in geometric designs of elephants,flowers and parrots motifs and colorful combination. These are affordable by only rich and royal family as this saree is very expensive, but there are semi weaves of Patola saree for affordable range.
     Mysore Silk Saree (Price range Rs.3,000 and Rs.20,000)
Mysore Silk is considered to be the purest form of silk and it originated in Karnataka. Saree is popular because of its durability and its long lasting luster. Mysore silk saree produced from mulberry silk and mulberry silk is the highest quality of silk from the cocoons. It beautifully intricate with motifs of birds, fruits and flowers.
     Dharmavaram Silk Saree (Price range from Rs.2,000 to Rs.150,000)
Dharmavaram silk saree came into existence in the 19th century. Sarees are originated in Dharmavaram of Anantapur district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Dharmavaram Silk Saree is hand woven with mulberry silk.  Dharmavaram silk sarees are also known as Rajwadi sarees, for their exclusive royal colour combinations and weave designs all over the saree.
     Muga Silk Saree (Price range Rs.5,000 to Rs.1,50,000)
Muga Silk Saree originated in Assam and its silk produced from the larva of Antheraea moth. It is popular among the women around the globe for its glossy, soft, durability and fine texture qualities. Muga silk saree is also made with intricate embroidery and motifs of flora and fauna which are in zari and coloring yarns.
     Paithani Silk Saree (Price Range Rs.7,000 to Rs.250,000)
Paithani Silk Saree originated in Maharashtra, in olden days paithani work  was on cotton and silk yarn weave. These sarees exhibit the richness of Maharashtra and worn by the bride on her wedding day. Paithani silk saree comes in bright shades like magenta, dark green, purple, peacock blue, etc. It's golden borders and pallu is beautifully designed with peacock, birds, and the art from Ajanta Ellora caves.
     Sambalpuri Silk Saree (Price Range Rs. 10000 to Rs. 1,00,000)
Sambalpuri sarees have their origin in the tribal belt of Sambalpur in Odisha State of India. This Saree throws back an ancient handicraft called BandhaKala (ikat process). This saree has intricate design of flora and fauna, Krishna Raas Lila and Ayodhya Vijay. This silk saree is preferred by women for occasion like festive, puja and in wedding function like sangeet-Mehendi.
     Baluchari Silk Saree (Price Range Rs 20,000 to Rs 2,00,000)
Baluchari Silk Saree ir originally from West Bengal and mainly preferred by women of India and Bangladesh. It is a hand weave design using richly dyed silk which is in intricate motifs, reflecting the Indian mythology on its large 'pallu'. Its a Traditional Zari weave saree for Bengali Brides.
     Bomkai Silk Saree (Price Range Rs 10000 - 50000)
Bomkai Silk Saree is origin of Ganjam district of Odisha. This saree was first produced by the Bhulia community of Subarnapur district. Bomkai Silk Saree is also known with the name with Sonepuri saree. The feature of Bomkai Silk Sarees is the use of elegant weave in ikat of artistic designs, often done on very fine yarn.
The silk sarees from India are not limited to a particular style of state, even the same weave technique used in another state will bring a major change to the appearance of the silk saree. Hence every woman should have multiple types of silk sarees.

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