Oct 1, 2019

7 Things to Know Before Applying for Australia Partner Visa 820 & 801

The difference about visa 820 and 801 is that the former is a temporary visa whereas the latter is a permanent visa that has to undergo a due process. Basically, the Australia Partner Visa 820 and 801 allows the below group(s) of people to live in Australia with their spouses:

• De-facto partners
• Spouses with permanent Australian residence
• A person eligible for citizenship in New Zealand
• Australian citizens

When applying for partner visa Australia, there are some essential things that you ought to know before making a move. The process is quite long, and this is why you need to learn the tips on how to apply for Partner Visa in Australia.

1. The Estimated Processing Time

It takes months of paperwork and preparation to hit the “SUBMIT” button on the first application. The application process has two parts. First, you will have to apply for the Temporary Partner Visa 820. Secondly, you will be required to apply for the Permanent Partner Visa 801 after 2 years. Estimated processing times for the Partner Visas is 12-18 months from the point of application.

2. Early Preparation

When you are 100% sure that you want to start the application process for the partner visa as soon as possible, do not waste any time. Getting all the documents in order takes longer than you expect. From downloading the necessary forms to submitting them to gather all the necessary evidence and preparing the essential paperwork may be stressful but is a must-do process. Also, considering the estimated processing time, you need sufficient time to avoid inconveniences due to delays.

3. Prepare the Necessary Documents

To prove the validity of your relationship, you will need to prepare a fair amount of documents. This step is essential and extremely subjective since a large portion of documents require your efforts. The necessary documents have been divided into thematic. They include:

• Forms about the applicant and the sponsor
• Statutory Declarations
• Official documents justifying the existence of the relationship
• Health and character requirement
• Identification documents for the applicant and the sponsor
• Proof of the authenticity of the relationship

4. Find a Justice of the Peace (JP)

The work of the JP is to sign and stamp all your documents or any other forms needed for signing. Get a well-trained JP who will offer satisfactory services worth of your money.

5. Outsmart the Fees

If you are making your applications from within Australia and the cash you want to pay is in Australia, you are lucky. Pay via the in-country bank transfer. However, if the cash for the visa fee is outside Australia, the payment is a bit more complicated. Transaction fee is mandatory in this case. Currently, the fees of a de factor partner visa if applying within Australia is lesser if you do not have children. If you are outside Australia, the payable amount is even less.

6. Other Important Things

Other vital things on how to get Partner Visa in Australia includes:

• Book your medical appointment so that it can be processed as soon as possible to avoid interfering with the entire process.

• If you have lived in Australia, it also takes approximately 4 weeks to apply for the police clearance.

• Also, remember to apply for a birth certificate from your home country.

• Finally, be sure to request your family and friends to fill out the 888 forms which ought to be signed by a JP later on. Ensure you pick these forms on time.

• It takes roughly 4 weeks to certify your relationship. The relationship must have been ongoing for a year. If you have been living with your partner, submit the evidence such as utility bills or rental agreements. If you have not been living together, provide proofs like joint travel tickets, bank accounts, joint bills, among others.

7. Ask For Help

Get an immigration lawyer if you can’t figure out what options you have. Also, if you don’t have time or are overwhelmed by the paperwork. Immigration lawyers have dealt with this paperwork numerous times before you. They have the knowledge to prepare for the applications.

Contact the Department of Home Affairs whenever you get stuck on how to apply for Partner Visa Australia. Ask them all your disturbing questions and seek clarification where skeptical. You will be advised accordingly. If you call and get no answer, leave a message, and you will be called back on the same day.

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