Oct 31, 2019

How to Have a Fun, Sober Halloween!

Prior to sobriety, you may have been acclimated to dressing up and going to wild drug and alcohol-fueled Halloween parties. Now that you are sober, you may be wondering how you can celebrate Halloween without the tradition of getting wasted with your friends. Are you worried about running into a belligerently drunk girl dressed as a “sexy zombie” because you think it might prompt you to want to join in on her drunkenness? If so, you can rest assured knowing that there are several ways to have a fun Halloween while sober.

1) Plan a Party With Other Sober Friends

Parties don’t have to include copious amounts of drugs and alcohol in order for them to be fun. Get a group of sober, Halloween-loving friends together and plan a costume party. If you look back onto the Halloween parties that you attended before sobriety, can you even remember why they were fun? By drinking at holiday parties, we completely missed out on the fellowship that parties provide.

At your sober Halloween party, there is a multitude of activities that you can include to spruce up the event. For starters, you could go all-in with the spooky decorations, Halloween music, and Halloween themed appetizers. Another great way to make your Halloween party stand out is to host a costume contest. Honestly, if you think about it, dressing up for Halloween was always the best part - aside from the candy of course.

2) Go to a Haunted House

If you are into the thrill and excitement of Halloween, attending a haunted house is the ideal way to spend the evening. For example, there are huge haunted house events such as Halloween Horror Nights and Howl-o-Scream that are guaranteed to grant you a fun time. Get a group of sober friends together, find a local haunted house, and make some memories you can actually remember!

3) Find a Sober Friend with Kids and Go Trick or Treating

Let’s face it, kids take the cake when it comes to celebrating Halloween. So if you are looking for something to do during the Halloween season, find a friend who is taking their children trick or treating and go with them! We may be too old to trick or treat by ourselves, but it’s perfectly acceptable to dress up as your favorite horror movie character, ringing on doorbells and saying “Trick or Treat”, if you are accompanied by a kid.

Running around the neighborhoods and seeing all of the cute kids in their Halloween costumes can be a blast. Especially if you’re going with a group of friends who have kids. Another fun aspect of taking a kid trick or treating is seeing all of the cool Halloween decorations. Plus, when you’re walking around with a kid you won’t have the temptation to drink or drug.

4) Get a Group Together to Watch Scary Movies

Watching scary movies is one of the many Halloween traditions that we partake in. Instead of going out to a wild party, you can invite your closest friends over for a slasher-movie marathon! If watching movies isn’t enough of a good time for you, you can ask everyone to come in costume with some Halloween-friendly snacks to share. Also, there are plenty of Halloween-themed party games that don’t include alcohol. You could watch movies, eat some good food, and play party games with your friends all while staying sober and having a blast.


Author Bio:
Kailey Fitzgerald is a young writer in the recovery community of South Florida. Her passion in life is to help break the stigmas related to mental health, substance abuse, and trauma.

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