Oct 26, 2019

20 Amazing Writing Tools That Will Rock Your Content Marketing

You may be a blogger, you may be a writer, or you may be someone that is specializing in marketing content. In this case, you will need to adapt – because we are way past the age where the internet wasn’t everywhere. If you don’t adapt to this technology-clad world, you are bound to fall behind at some point.

That being said, in order for you not to fall behind, you will need to use the right writing tools as a copywriter. Here is a list of some tools that many content marketing experts found to be very useful in their work:

1.   AtomicWriter – This optimization tool will tell you precisely who your readers are, what their reading level is, and to which content they could relate to the most.
2.   BuzzSumo – This tool is perfect for leveling out the playing field. You’ll find out what type of content is trending the most and what your competition is usually writing about.
3.   Evernote –For the copywriter on-the-go, Evernote allows you to brainstorm future ideas and stay organized for your attempts at future content.
4.   Kred– Creating content and hoping people will read it is not always enough – which is why you may use Kred to connect with influencers to amplify your message.
5.   Ideaflip– Similar to Evernote, Ideaflip gives you a place to brainstorm your ideas, giving you an interactive visual of your draft so that you may further develop your idea.
6.   HubSpot Blog Topic Generator – When you create lots of content, it might be difficult to continuously find new, fresh ideas for articles – in which case, this tool can help you out.
7.   Portent Content Idea Generator – Similar to the HubSpot tool, this one can help you come up with a catchy headline when you are out of inspiration.
8.   Grammarly – If you want your content to sparkle and be free of grammatical errors, the Grammarly is a very efficient tool to proofread your text.
9.   Hemingway – Going past simple grammar mistakes, this one highlights the sentences that are difficult to read and provides suggestions to fix them.
10.         StackEdit– If you have to convert text into .html or to copy something from Word, Google Docs or Wordpress without the format changing, then this tool can be very effective.
11.         BuzzStream – Since content can’t easily get out, this tool allows you to build relationships and find the right influences to grow the popularity of your product.
12.         Canva – Sometimes, you also need the content to resonate with your audience, in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Canva can help with that.
13.         Infographic Video Maker –Infographics are very popular right now – and with this tool, you may turn them into an animated graphic.
14.         Venngage –Don’t have the infographic yet? You may use Venngage to create one.
15.         Google Calendar – If you havemany blog pages or services to track during your marketing plan, Google Calendar can help you stay organized.
16.         Freedly – In order to create good marketing content, you need to do extensive research – and this tool will allow you to remain aware of all the latest news concerning your domain.
17.         Alltop – A never-ending inspiration source, Alltop contains thousands of publications that will allow your content to be well-researched.
18.         Reddit – It might have a primitive look, but with so many topics burning on here, it is the perfect tool for you to do your market research.
19.         ZenPen– Are you a person that gets easily distracted when creating marketing content? This one offers a minimalist approach to your writing space, where all visual distractions are blocked.
20.         MailChimp – Email marketing is still at the top, and this tool will help you create the perfect email content marketing strategy.

Working in the content marketing field is no longer difficult nowadays. You just have to know what tools to use.

Lori Jones had made a transition from a bit shy office clerk to an empowered and delighted writer. Later she progressed to becoming a writer at SupremeDissertations. Lori is really a writing fanatic and frantically stays on guard of beauty and meaning inside the written text. More than this, Lori continue broaden her horizons and became a contributor at Lord of Papers blog.

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