Jan 28, 2020

5 Tips to Make High Heels Super Comfy

There’s nothing like a pair of stunning high heels in Australia to finish off an outfit. They work equally well with your LBD (little black dress) for date night, a well-cut pantsuit for work, or just a casual pair of jeans. High heels make your legs look long and lovely, while quickly adding va-va-voom to any ensemble of clothes. You might be a high heel addict and own plenty of pairs, or you might only wear high heels on special occasions. Whichever is the case, you’re sure you want to know how to make them more comfortable to wear. Ease foot pain with these 5 tips for wearing high heels in Australia with more ease and comfort.
Add Insoles

Adding insoles or cushions to your high heels will make them much more comfortable to walk in, as they offer more support to the arches of your feet. Insoles for high heels in Australia are often made from materials designed to maximise comfort, including memory foam or medical grade gel. Sometimes they also involve heel cups and fit customisation for greater support of the foot and to minimise the movement that causes blisters. Look for reviews online to find the best kinds of insoles for high heels in Australia.  

Use Cooling Menthol Spray

This is a tip for wearing high heels in Australia straight from the Hollywood movie starlets. Spray a menthol spray on your feet – they usually comprise of a mixture of menthol and herbal remedies – and enjoy fewer blisters and feet that are soothed rather than swollen. Mist feet with the product, leave to dry for a few moments, then pop on your heels and you’re ready to go. There are a range of different brands of menthol spray available, so check out reviews to find one that’s reliable for cooling down your feet while wearing high heels

Tape Your Toes

Here’s an unusual way to prevent discomfort while wearing high heels in Australia. Try taping your third and fourth toes together with medical tape. The science behind this technique is that a nerve splits between these two toes which can be painful if you put pressure on it, like when you wear high heels in Australia. The tape helps put some padding and support around this nerve and prevents pain being generated. 

Wear Stockings

If you wear stockings with your high heels in Australia, then the extra support can lower the discomfort felt with high heels. An additional benefit to wearing stockings is that they allow you to grip into the high heel shoes as you walk. This means that you have more stability for walking in high heels. 

Use Blister Stickers

If you tend to get blisters when you wear high heels in Australia, then your saving grace could be the humble blister sticker. Blister stickers stick onto the inside heel of your high heels, protecting your feet from getting blistered and sore. Use them as a preventative tactic or as a remedy once you have a blister. Either way, blister stickers will make your high heels in Australia more comfortable.

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