Jan 18, 2020

The Benefits of Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology is an increasingly popular practice. However, few know the actual benefits of it.

Reflexology is an alternative therapy that uses the human reflexes to relax the body and improve blood flow.
Hand reflexology focuses on massaging the hands and reaching out to the 12 Meridians of Energy mentioned in Chinese medicine.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the hands are like a control panel for the human body. Each zone is represented in the palm.

You can massage a certain area in your palm to create a reaction in other parts of your body. The whole body works like a network.

If you want to find out how experts use hand reflexology, and what they use it for, read on.


One of the biggest sources of pain among adults is arthritis.
One in five adults suffers from a form of arthritis, which can lead to chronic pain and lack of mobility.

Hand reflexology can help you if you have hand arthritis. It does a phenomenal job of helping relieve your pain.

If you use your hands all the time for repetitive tasks, such as typing or writing for hours, this can increase your odds of experiencing some level of pain later as well.

The key to getting rid of the pain is stimulating certain points in your hand and relaxing certain muscles that you overwork.


If you’re often dizzy when you get out of bed or when you reach to the top shelf, you might have problems with your blood circulation.

Cold hands, cold feet, and a slower metabolism can also be a sign that you have issues with your blood circulation.

In extreme cases, you can experience the loss of body hair on your legs, arms, and even on your head. This happens when nutrients aren’t carried properly by the blood to the roots of the hairs. As a result, the hairs start falling down.

Hand reflexology can improve your blood circulation by stimulating neural pathways responsible for your blood circulation.


If you get injured, or you use your hands every day for hours, over time you might notice that your wrist mobility decreases.

Hand reflexology can help you solve this issue by relaxing the muscles and improving blood flow to your fingers.

This practice is often used as an alternative treatment for those who want to recover faster from accidents. Also, it can be used by workers who spend most of their time typing and experience less mobility and tight muscles.


If you’re looking to relax your hand muscles, get rid of chronic pain, and improve your blood flow, hand reflexology could be the answer to your questions.

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