Jan 30, 2020

9 Hacks For A Successful Open House

From simply letting out the natural light in the house to staging areas with pieces of suitable furniture, here are some hacks you can do to the Laguna house and lot to achieve a successful open house. Take note: homebuyers leaving the house without asking too many questions means they are not interested. Follow these simple hacks to ensure you close a deal.

Find the Right Timing

Avoid conducting an open house during the holidays. Instead, hold one during the weekends. The best time is between the hour before lunchtime until before sunset. To increase the chances for foot traffic, open your house for viewing in time with big community events and unofficial holidays. Homebuyers tend to have more time to spare during these days. If it is your first time to hold an open house in a certain location, try to observe the activities of the neighborhood as well as the days wherein prospective buyers are in search of a house.

Allow the Realtor Agent to Take the Lead

Let your realtor agent be the forefront face of the open house. For the buyers, the agent is the host. With that, allow the agent to do the welcoming of viewers and introductions, as well as take the lead in the process of walking them through the house. As an expert in selling real estate, the realtor agent is responsible for communicating with home buyers. Regardless of your knowledge, a realtor agent is still your best bet for closing a deal.
Go For Simple Staging

From furniture in the living room to bedroom essentials and dining pieces, you must be able to stage the house and make it feel cozy. You must establish a sense of home to enable viewers to picture themselves living in the house. Apart from placing furniture in the right places, displaying a couple of decorations like a vase of fresh flowers can make a huge difference. Your end goal is to make the house look like a home. The last thing you want is to have an almost staged house. For instance, having one couch in the living room or a single bed without a side table in the bedroom.

Clean and Tidy Up

If you do not have the human resources to clean the house, hire a house cleaning service prior to the open house. Make sure appliances, windows, mirrors, and any steel surfaces are fingerprint-free. Organize the decorations and get rid of unnecessary clutter sitting around visible and concealed areas of the house. You will never know when a nosy viewer will take a peek under the sink or inside the cupboard.

Do a Smell Check

Houses up for sale typically have a dank and musty smell, especially if the faucets are working. With this, dehumidify the entire house prior to the open house. Another effective tip to remove the unpleasant smell of the house is to open all windows to allow air circulation. Place scented candles and turn on air purifiers during the open house. This way, the viewers get a whiff of an inviting and relaxing scent. Go for aromatic scents like lavender or citrusy lemon.

Let the Natural Light In

Natural light can make a space look larger than it is. With that, open all curtains and blinds to let it in. the more light bouncing around each room, the bigger the space will appear. Since the buyers look into the square footage and the amount of space each room or area has to offer, you can showcase an illusion of maximum space with the help of natural lighting coming from the sun.

Fixing the House Exteriors

Apart from ensuring the interiors of the house are perfectly staged, the exteriors must also be attractive. Give the outside of the house some curb appeal by cutting the grass, displaying outdoor furniture, and doing a fresh paint job. Shrubs and potted flowers present a great way to make the entire house look inviting.

Emphasize the House’s Best Features

One of the best ways to emphasize a house’s best feature is to draw their attention through word signs or an eye-catching piece of furniture. Ensure that the furniture to be used will not entirely block the house feature. For instance, draw attention to the hardwood floor of the house by waxing the surface to make it look shiny. Another example is using a light-colored curtain on large windows to emphasize its size. 

Serve Snacks and Refreshments

By serving snacks like home-baked cookies, candies, water, and juice beverages, you ensure that your audience will enjoy the time they spend touring the house. Homebuyers appreciate being greeted with a sweet treat and a cold beverage. Part of that, enticing refreshments invites people to stay longer. With that, choose to fill a small table with snacks and refreshments available for everyone joining the open house.

Key Takeaway

Are you planning to conduct an open house for a Laguna house and lot? Make sure homebuyers joining the open house fall in love with the property through simple staging and cleaning hacks. Have a successful house viewing and immediately make homebuyers want to sign the contract and leave with the house keys.

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