Feb 9, 2021

Why are single female homebuyers different from other homebuyers


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Nowadays, single female homebuyers are one of the fastest-growing groups of homeowners. More and more women value homeownership above getting married and having children. If you're wondering why so many women purchase a home without a spouse or romantic partner, just think about the current employment opportunities. More women have employment today than ever before and want to own a home, no matter their salary or age. Some have gone through a divorce or a breakup, and some have never married. A younger group of female homebuyers is from a generation where the marriage will happen later, if at all. They don't need to wait for a partnership to buy a first home. Continue reading to find out why single female homebuyers are different from other homebuyers.

Working towards personal goals

A large number of female homebuyers have made a significant life decision - they don't want to wait for a fairytale that might not happen to them. You know which fairytale - finding a prince charming, then getting married, having kids, and everything that goes with it. While waiting for that dream to become a reality, time flies by. So, strong women decide to make their own happy ending.

They want to end the wage gap and believe that women are at a disadvantage. More and more women are being raised in a way to want to take care of themselves financially. They learn everything from budgeting and saving to investing and building their own personal wealth while not being dependent on men. Women of today are more career-focused than any previous generation, and they tend to be smart with their money. Many of them are successful women entrepreneurs. It's a relief that they don't have to rely on a man to provide the life they want and deserve or the investment they wish.

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Strong career-focused women decide to make their own happy ending by investing.

Money management

When searching for a perfect home, money is always a significant factor. The crucial trigger for buying a home is when a woman can make enough money to afford to pay a mortgage on her own. Real estate is always a good investment, and they know it. One more factor they are considering is calculating the monthly rent of a nice apartment and comparing it to the mortgage cost. Why would they pay another person's mortgage if they can pay their own? A home purchase is so important to single females that they are willing to make significant financial sacrifices to be able to own a property. They understand that there is a way to save money while still enjoying life and working towards their goals. They may cut spending on non-essential items, entertainment, and even clothes, if necessary.


Many women homebuyers are caregivers in some way. Some of them are single mothers who must take care of their children's future, whether they are young or over the age of 18. Furthermore, some single women, who intend to buy a home, care for an older parent. All these factors are meaningful for purchasing a home.

What features do female homebuyers look for?

Let's see how and why single female homebuyers are different from other homebuyers:
•    Type of home they are looking for - Single females usually buy a detached, single-family property. They are also likely to buy a townhouse.
•    Size and cost of the home - Compared to all buyer categories, single women buy the least expensive and the smallest houses. That reflects the income and affordability challenges they have to face. Also, they usually look for a home with an outdoor space for their pet and proximity to the vet.
•    The neighborhood choice - If the loved ones (parents or older kids) are not currently living with a female homebuyer, a woman will prioritize buying in the neighborhood they live in. Proximity to friends and family is also more important to them than other buyers. One more factor they consider is proximity to health facilities.
•    Financial conditions - Affordable home prices and interest rates trigger the urge to buy a home. Increasing rent and higher income are at play in the decision-making process as well.
•    How they find a real estate agent - Referrals are the most common way all buyers find their agent, but it plays even a larger role for single women. Many of them rely on referrals from their friends, neighbors, and relatives.
•    Reasons to move - Significant life changes are still the top driver of all single female home purchases. In most cases, it’s their number one reason for moving. For instance,Zippy Shell Louisiana has more and more single female clients each year, moving to their new home, proud and happy to start a new life page independently, with their own valuable asset.

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Single female homebuyers look for a convenient neighborhood and proximity to their friends and family.


Ownership comes with an added responsibility. Fear of being able to afford a mortgage alone is always present. The burden of paying for repairs, renovations, and improvements falls entirely on a single female buyer. However, when they own a home, they can decide to rent out a part of it to subsidize their mortgage.

Purchasing a home not only comes with responsibilities but also with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Having a home means having your shelter and your own project.

Moving to a new home

When relocating to a new home of their own, one of the priorities of single female homebuyers is getting rid of things they don't need. Nobody needs clutter in their home, but sometimes the mess is inevitable when living with a partner and the kids. Luckily for single women, they don't need to explain anything to anyone, so they can calmly get rid of all the things they don't need anymore. Minimalist room designs and minimalist décor styles are becoming more and more popular among them as well. When they move to a new home, women tend to make their little haven there, each one in her own way.

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Moving away on their own is an opportunity for women to declutter and embrace minimalist living.


Being a woman can be challenging, but it also has many advantages. It's no wonder why single female homebuyers want to make sure they will never be in a vulnerable situation if they can control it. Having freedom over their life choices and owning a property is empowering women of all ages and income brackets, and it will continue to do so even more in the future.


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