Jan 5, 2023

7 Tips for Moms in Addiction Recovery

One of the moms in addiction recovery playing with her daughter.

One of the most difficult things a person can go through is addiction. However, when combined with parenting, it can be even more challenging. Having to care for yourself while also being a mother can drain you both physically and mentally. This is because, as a parent, you can't focus on your recovery unless you first ensure that your children are cared for. As a result, it's critical to devise strategies for managing your sobriety while also remaining a good parent. To help you do this, we are here to offer seven tips for moms in addiction recovery.

1. Establish a Sober, Secure, and Drug-free Environment

Whether you've just started your first recovery program or have been battling addiction for a while, the most important thing you can do right now is assess your immediate surroundings. Do you currently reside in an environment that encourages your health and success? A good environment for moms in addiction recovery is one that does not allow or even imply the presence of drugs or alcohol. This means that if you are currently living with someone who is using, you should leave. On the other hand, if you are living alone, you should clean up any traces of addictive substances and alcohol to support your efforts to remain sober. You need to be in an environment that prioritizes your comfort and safety so that you can focus on getting well.

A collection of pills and capsules
Maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free environment is essential during rehabilitation.

2. Be Honest with Yourself

Before you can begin healing, you must acknowledge that you have a problem. This is particularly vital if you are a mother. If you are unaware of your circumstances, it won't be easy to meet all of your children's needs. According to the addiction recovery experts at Little Creek Recovery, one of the ways you can accomplish this is by always practicing radical transparency. Be truthful in everything you do, and take responsibility for your actions. You will find it much simpler to accept and deal with the facts as time passes.

3. Take Care of Yourself

When you're a mother, it's tempting to put your own needs last. Having such profound feelings for other people is both a blessing and a curse. For instance, female bears will often sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of their young. That being said, in order to provide for our children properly, sometimes we must take care of ourselves first. If you devote all your energy to your children, you will not have enough left to recover effectively. And while making your home safe for your children is essential, it will become increasingly challenging if you neglect your own needs.

4. Eliminate All Negative Influences

Sharing your life with people who are a band influence can make your recovery extremely hard, if not impossible. It is essential to get rid of anyone who may be a negative influence in your life. In some cases, this may even mean getting a divorce getting a divorce. The truth is that you'll most likely have to isolate yourself from certain people in order to maintain your sobriety while caring for your child. Anyone who opposes your efforts to sober up must leave.

A woman in pain, crying.
Eliminating as much negativity as possible from your life will aid in your recovery and care for your children.

5. Set Long-term Goals

The early stages of recovery are the most important for setting goals. Knowing where you started and how far you've come on the road to recovery is crucial. Ask yourself: What do I intend to accomplish now that I have the power to choose my own path? Even if you are taking care of a child, you can still have other aspirations. For instance, you might want to resume or finish college, change careers, or travel the world. It's possible that you're looking to patch things up with some former friends or business partners. When on the road to recovery, those are commendable goals to strive toward. They can motivate you, give your life purpose, and direct your efforts. Additionally, goals can help prevent relapse, so it's crucial to set realistic goals during the rehabilitation process.

6. Develop a Daily Routine and Commit to It

When you decide what your goals are, the next step is to create a daily routine that is going to help you achieve those goals. This is why it's essential to try to fit as much meaning and excitement into each day as you can. Make a plan that includes time with your child. However, you should also make plans for when you will get up and get ready for the day, when you will leave for work or school, when you will get back home, and when you will eat and exercise.

A silhouette of a woman running.
Regular exercise is an excellent way to avoid relapse for moms in addiction recovery

In addition, taking time to relax, spending time by yourself, and going out are all very important. Each of these pursuits will help you on your road to recovery and bring you one step closer to achieving your goals. On the other hand, not participating in these activities can put some people at risk of falling back into old habits and relapsing. Therefore, with drug relapse prevention, one of the best ways to avoid it is to create a routine around these activities.

7. Professional Assistance Is Essential

As a mother, you must be strong for your children. That, however, can be extremely difficult if you are in recovery. This is why looking for professional help is necessary. We can all use a hand now and again. The challenges of addiction are real, and it's okay to seek assistance. In fact, this is something that you should be doing right now if you have children at home and are going through recovery. Having someone to talk to can help you better understand what you are going through and provide you with much-needed support.


With these seven tips for moms in addiction recovery, you will feel empowered to start your journey down the path of sobriety again while staying healthy and happy. It is important to remember that you are not alone on this journey and that there is help available. Stay positive, be open-minded, and continue to take care of yourself and your children. 

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