Feb 3, 2023

6 Bilingual Beauty Salons You Need to Check Out in Japan


Beauty salon interior design.

In Japan, looking decent is seen as common politeness. When it comes to quality and client satisfaction, Japanese beauty salons are renowned for being among the best in the world. Finding a salon to take care of your priceless look, however, can be challenging for the majority of foreigners who live in Japan (or even those who are just visiting! ). Even more, if communication is your main challenge. So if you want to find a beauty salon to get your nails done or avoid one more bad hair day, this small guide to bilingual beauty salons you need to check out in Japan comes in handy.

List of Bilingual Beauty Salons You Need to Check Out in Japan

Communication with the stylist is crucial when you visit a hair salon. When choosing a haircut, you might wish to seek advice. Before scheduling an appointment, you might wish to find out how much the services cost. You might feel more comfortable if you could communicate what you desire during the treatment.

There are numerous bilingual beauty salons in Japan that you should visit, but we have compiled a list of the top six:

  • Planet Hair (Akashi)

  • Atelier Y's (Ginza)

  • Killa (Shibuya)

  • One World (Minato)

  • Ke’ international (Shinjuku)

  • Elana Jade (Azabujuban)

Planet Hair (Akashi)

This salon offers you the ideal opportunity to relax with a view of the Akashi Sea while getting your hair done. It is known for its gentle airwaves and all-natural henna colors produced from mild plant-based components. Even people with sensitive skin can apply henna on their gray hair without experiencing any adverse effects. Additionally, the dry cuts maximize the quality of each client's hair!

Address: 222-13 Eijima, Okubo-cho, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture

Atelier Y's (Ginza)

Customers can unwind in this pleasant salon, which offers complimentary refreshments. Given that every employee speaks English, the salon in Japan's fashion district of Ginza has become a favorite among both domestic and foreign clients. It's also one of the best bilingual beauty salons for those who've just moved to Ginza and are unsure of their Japanese-speaking skills. Experts from ksemoving.com state that many newcomers visit Atelier Y's to destress after a long day of packing and traveling. And for a good reason! Under one roof, they feature both a salon for eyelash extensions and a hair salon.

Salon for Eyelash Extensions

For those who don't have naturally longer and thicker eyelashes and whose eyes are commonly sensitive, Atelier Y's makes its own eyelash adhesive, so the extensions are gentle on the eyes.

Hair Salon

Atelier Y's strives to provide the best hair finish while applying outstanding techniques in a relaxing environment. They will recommend a haircut based on thorough counseling that complements your face structure and hair type. You can have shiny hair that fits your hairstyle if you use chemicals for good color development and long-lasting organic color. This is the right choice for those with gray and thin hair because they use organic colors that do not irritate the scalp and hair. 

Address: 3F, 1-9-12 Ginza,Chuo-ku, Tokyo

In a beauty salon, one woman puts eyelash extensions on another woman's eye.
Atelier Y’s makes its own eyelash adhesive, so the extensions are gentle on the eyes.

Killa (Shibuya)

This salon's hip and modern nature always utilize the most recent trends. The salon's extensive expertise in coloring and perms enables it to adapt and provide for each client's unique hair needs. Additionally, this salon has created its brand of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for customers to use to cure several issues, such as dry hair and scalp. And the products make styling easier. Because there are native English speakers on staff, you may relax and engage in friendly conversation.

Address: 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae

One World (Minato)

In the residential neighborhood of Azabu Juban, there lies a relatively hidden One World Hair salon. Since almost all of the stylists are fluent English speakers, there isn't a communication barrier here.

In addition to the usual hairdressing services, this salon offers the possibility of scheduling a spa head. If you want to relax and escape Tokyo, the head spa is unquestionably recommended. Along with a traditional Indonesian cure, fruits, and herbs are the main components of this cream, and it will significantly enhance the condition of your scalp. Additionally, the massage leaves you feeling calm and prepared for the week.

Address: 106-0045 Tokyo, Minato City, Azabujuban

A Japanese hair stylist using a curling iron on customers' hair in a hair salon.
If you want to relax a little and escape Tokyo, the head spa is unquestionably a recommended option.

Ke’ international (Shinjuku)

Over 3,000 foreigners have recently visited Ke' International, a renowned international hair salon in Tokyo.

Their staff continuously works with various hair types, so they guarantee to make the most of every client's visit, regardless of age or gender. Their primary focus is technical cutting, balayage, and coloring in modern and organic tones. Whether you have a clear notion of what you want or only a general idea, their experts can assist you because they thoroughly understand coloring trends and styles. People with sensitive skin or allergies can also make low-chemical recipes and employ appropriate hair treatments.

Address: Kagurazaka 6-66, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Ke’)

Elana Jade (Azabujuban)

So far, we've mainly focused on domestic and foreign visitors. However, you might be a foreigner who recently turned domestic (in other words, if you've just moved to Japan). In that case, you also must find a suitable salon that will provide you with top beauty services in the field of eyelashes, waxing, nail treatments, and facials. So while you trust the process to experts and a moving crew is unloading your things to your new home, hop over to Elana Jade! Globally qualified and experienced therapists prepare every product Elana Jade uses in organic skin care.

Eyelash care

Elana Jade offers an array of treatments to enhance the appearance of your lashes and brows; they include eyelash extensions, lash lift, and tinting. 

Nail care

With an extensive range of nail services, Elana Jade will make your fingers and toes the envy of all. After receiving their spa pedicure treatments or stunning nail designs, you'll feel like you're walking in the air!

Beautician showing woman results of the cosmetic treatment.
Facial treatments, including specific lifting massage techniques, are some of the top anti-aging treatments for women.


Organic concentrated facial treatments, including specific lifting massage techniques that exercise the muscles and unique lifting masks, are some of the top anti-aging treatments for women. However, they are also designed to be suitable for male skin.

Address: NS Azabu Juban 4F, 3-6-2-4 Azabu Juban, Minato-Ku, Tokyo


This was a short, carefully selected list of all bilingual beauty salons in Japan. In those salons, you can get the best service possible, and a language barrier won't be an obstacle to getting what you want. Now that you read about some of the best bilingual beauty salons you need to check out in Japan in this list on hand, the question is, which one will you visit first?

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