Feb 18, 2023

Pros and Cons of Living in Edgewater, FL


Picture of Edgewater beach, FL.

Have you ever heard of Edgewater, FL? It is a small town located on the east coast of the country. This beautiful town is known for its natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and ocean! Living in Edgewater is undoubtedly attractive, but if you are planning to move here or buy a vacation home - it is essential to be familiar with the pros and cons of living in Edgewater, Fl. You may find all you need in this article.

Pros of living in Edgewater, FL

Life in a small and quiet town in Florida sounds tempting to everyone. Especially for people looking for a peaceful and quiet environment, life in nature, and everything this lifestyle brings. Many people have a "desire" to know what it would be like to spend the rest or part of their lives in a tiny, lovely, and calm town. Living in Edgewater has a lot of advantages, and that's why we present the most tempting ones to you. 

Enjoy the natural beauty

As we have already mentioned, Edgewater is a real discovery for all nature lovers! Besides this beautiful city being on the Atlantic coast, it offers its visitors and residents wonderful parks, wetlands, and various nature reserves. If you are a nature lover, this city is the right choice. It offers many choices, such as:

  • Kayaking

  • Mountain climbing

  • Boat riding

  • Enjoying the beach

  • Fishing

Living in Edgewater, Florida means you can enjoy kayaking every day. A woman wears a floral vest while kayaking.
One of the advantages of living in Edgewater is the open-air activities that are available to you every day

A must-see in Edgewater is the Indian River Lagoon! This place is beautiful for all animal lovers because the Indian River Lagoon is home to many wild animals, dolphins, manatees, etc. Also,when living in Edgewater, FL, you will be close to many nature reserves and parks. That is the ideal city for all those who want to connect with nature! If you want to move to Edgewater and experience the area's natural beauty and peaceful environment, local experts can help you get here fast and stress-free. 

A warm climate is an advantage of living in Edgewater

Due to the subtropical location of this tiny, picturesque city, people may expect mild temperatures and bright skies for most of the year. The region experiences warm winters and hot, humid summers, with an average temperature of around 75°F. The lovely east coast city is ideal if you don't like winter yet want to curl up somewhere warm. Edgewater offers you the chance to revive your taste buds with tropical fruits and awaken to the sight of lovely flora adapted to this climate.

Living in Edgewater means living in a quiet neighborhood 

You might infer that the crime rate in this area is meager just because it is a modest, friendly town. This cute city also has a great and serene neighborhood. Expect a welcoming attitude among the locals. If you like a tranquil lifestyle, Edgewater is the perfect place to call home. Noise, crime on the streets, and waking up during the night due to various voices are not residents here. Consequently, if you are a single mom, this may be an excellent place to live. 

Cons of living in Edgewater, FL

Even though this city has a lot of beautiful things to offer, people are different and like different things. If you enjoy the charms of a big city, Edgewater is probably not the ideal place for you. 

Heavy traffic is one of the most significant disadvantages of this town

Given how tranquil this city is known to be, you indeed weren't expecting this. Nevertheless, Edgewater is close to several big highways. Roads might get crowded, and traffic can move slowly during rush hour. That can be very frustrating for all commuters.  Excessive traffic might cause the air in Edgewater to become contaminated. That is precisely why we include it as one undesirable aspect of city living.

Heavy traffic on the streets.
Although Edgewater is a small town, it faces the problem of traffic congestion.

There are not enough cultural attractions

Nature and its attractions are insufficient for some individuals. Unfortunately, there aren't many cultural attractions in this city. There are several options for those who enjoy culture, including museums, theaters, and cinemas. Edgewater lacks a significant theater or music facility and several museums and art galleries. Locals would have to travel to neighboring towns to enjoy cultural events and activities. Specific festivals and community activities are held in the city but are not as big as events in larger cities. 

Limited job options

Since Edgewater is a small town, unfortunately, this town is not suitable for careerists. It does not offer enough business opportunities. Although, of course, in 2023, there is a possibility to work online from home. If you are more of a remote job type, then this information will not bother you. But if you are looking for some other type of job, then this is not sufficient information for you. Edgewater has few work options, especially in high-paying sectors like finance, technology, and healthcare. The city also does not have a booming corporate world.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a job in the field of tourism, then there is no winter for you. Limited job opportunities can be enormous cons for those willing to work hybrid in specific industries. But, if you are working remotely or in the tourism world, this won't be an obstacle. Limited job options may be a significant barrier to raising children. In that case, looking for the best places to raise a family is best. 

Man looking at his phone while working.
If you live here, the best job options for you are remote jobs or jobs in the tourism industry.

Moving from Edgewater for Greater Chances

Despite the serenity and beautiful landscape that Edgewater gives, some people might go elsewhere in quest of better employment prospects and a higher standard of living. Residents may be particularly attracted to larger cities because they provide a wider variety of work prospects, higher wages, and cultural and recreational alternatives. The lack of employment possibilities in Edgewater may significantly affect inhabitants and make them want to move elsewhere in the county or surrounding areas. In that case, local movers from Volusia County can promptly help you relocate.

Should you move to Edgewater?

Considering all the pros and cons of living in this Florida city, we can only conclude one thing. In case you are tired of the hustle and bustle and fast lifestyle and are looking for a peaceful place for your life, then this city is the right place for you. Edgewater may not have much to offer in terms of job opportunities and high pay, but it does offer you peace of mind. If you dream of waking up in the morning, eating tropical fruits, living a healthy life, and working all day from the beach or a park - we don't know what you're waiting for! Assuming that you move and start living in Edgewater, FL, it's important to research things that can help you get organized after your move. Although, if you are a person who finds yourself in the fast pace of big cities and wants more significant opportunities for you and your family, this is the place for your dream vacation house.

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