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Mar 1, 2010

The Importance of Female Friendship

A woman has a need of emotional bond. An expert said that in friendships, women are looking for identities and emotional support.

So, in life, it's important for women to have close friendships with other women. Physiologically, as mentioned before, females have a greater need to emotionally bond with others. Whereas many men get by with loose, casual relationships with other men, women tend to look for nurturing, emotionally-fulfilling bonds with other women.

This need starts in childhood and increases during adolescence, when teenage girls find support from their female peers. Often, less emphasis is placed on the mother-daughter bond as teens venture out and test the waters of young adulthood. But once reaching full adulthood, many young women re-establish the mother-daughter bond as one of their primary female relationship.

The benefits of female friendship:

As mentioned before, women seek each other for emotional support and identity. Together they can create healthy communications and gratifying exchanges of ideas and feelings. Add more women into the mix and an entire emotional support system has emerged.

Psychologically, women gain self-esteem, validation, and happiness from such relations. Female friends can boost each other's self-worth through compliments, honest opinions, and suggestions. In times of trouble, females seek one another out to know that their feelings or experiences are normal and healthy. From these interactions, female friends bring away an increased sense of happiness and fulfillment.

The psychological benefits of friendship may be more obvious, since its positive impact can be immediately felt. At the same time, there is a physical benefit to forming such close female bonds.
Physical gains can be both internal and external. With happiness and validation comes a lowering of heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and the tendency to overeat. The immune and digestive systems work more efficiently.

Situations that can provide women to positive emotional bonding:
  • Family ties: Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and cousins can form tight female bonds. These are often the primary relationships in women's lives.
  • Childhood/college friendships: These relationships can end up being some of the longest-lasting female bonds of a woman's life.
  • Mommy groups/ other mothers: Such friendships arise out of a common need--- to support and be supported as a mother.
  • Coworkers: Other female coworkers, depending on the type of industry, can be supportive of career goals and understanding of office tension.
  • Women with common interests: Joining activities such as tai chi, yoga, a cooking class, a book discussion group, or a volunteer organization can promote friendships out of common goals and the nurturing of these goals.
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16 komentar:

ilmu-coin March 02, 2010  

nice info,,,
i think the women must read it,, :)

MinnieRunner March 02, 2010  

I believe I really need one - a friend that can understand me and will be there for me no matter what, no matter when.

Lina Marliana March 02, 2010  

hehehe.. aku juga punya sahabat sejati.. enak diajak ngerumpi, bergosip dan sharing tentang kehidupan rumah tangga kami.. :)

Willyo Alsyah P. Isman March 03, 2010  

sahabat sejati,...dri dulu aku mencari sosok seorang sahabat sejati tetapi sampai sekarang belum menemukannya

kimmy March 03, 2010  

happy to say, i have a lot of female friends, four in particular, the first, i met in preschool, the second, in grade school, the third in high school and the fourth is my sister, Liz.. they're among God's very special gift to me.

nice post! take care!

Edwin's Personal Blog March 03, 2010  

women love to gather 'round with each other. one thing they love this much: bluffing around, hehehe

Please no hard feeling, just kidding ^_^

Belajar Ekspor Impor March 03, 2010  

women also need to take their time too. clinging to female friends gives coziness afterall..

Party, Fashion, Music, Sport March 03, 2010  

Yes, it is nice to have female friends!

moenas March 03, 2010  

nice post

sory gak bisa english

medic / scribbler March 03, 2010  

It's really good to maintain that connection with our friends even if we get increasingly busy with kids, career, husband and household.


Mommy Liz March 04, 2010  

It's very important to have a female friend, yo can exchange ideas and most of the time, females understand each other. Just be careful, because some women feel competitive, and choose who you would tell your secrets to. Discretion is very important in friendship.

Ghostech March 04, 2010  

datang singgah ... :)

moenas March 04, 2010  

wah sayang buanget GAnya
kalau saya sich bisa gila tuh he,,he,,kalau GA emang gak bersahabat bu, tapi mantab ibu rumah tangga bisa ngeblog pasang GA walaupun akhirnya jelek banget (di band)

Anonymous February 12, 2011  

Thanks for the great post! It's always good to reflect on the importance of your friends in your life. They bring so much peace of mind and enjoyment. Thanks for sharing!

I came upon this blog searching for thoughts about friendship. Thought you might enjoy it-

Thanks for your post!


Velya March 20, 2011  

Who Are YOUR Chica Peeps?

Please consider submitting a story of female friendship to our anthology - see website for details

Being a Chica Peep embodies the concepts of confidence, camaraderie, spirit and support with other women: one, two, three - dozens for that matter- as long as it is from within, and emanating outward, amongst each other! Being lighthearted (as our name implies!), and being heartfelt (as our connections prove!) is what we balance in our philosophy and objective. It is as integral as the blood that flows within us.

Judith Marshall April 21, 2011  

As a tribute to enduring female friendship, I wrote a novel entitled, 'Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever," which was released in late 2009 and has been optioned for the big screen. It's the story of six feisty women whose high school friendship has carried them through multiple marriages, dramatic divorces, and maddening menopause. A mixture of hilarity and heartbreak, the story reminds us that female friendship, though fragile at times, can withstand calamities, especially the ones we create for ourselves.

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