Mar 7, 2010

Buds of Purple Lotus

Another lotus flowers from me. This time, they haven’t yet opened up. For me, they are already beautiful. What do you think?

I share these pictures for Today's Flowers, visit there, and you’ll find many beautiful flowers from around the world…

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Japa March 08, 2010  

Lotus flowers are a favorite. Frail and beautiful.

Ebie March 08, 2010  

I love this flower, in fact it is the translation of my Chinese name. Quite a coincidence, I am headed to the Japanese Garden to check out the lily pond.
Thanks for stopping by!

Carver March 08, 2010  

I think the louts flowers are very beautiful.

Ramosforest.Environment March 08, 2010  

Beautiful lotus flowers.
Love these flowers.

Johnny Nutcase March 08, 2010  

definitely beautiful! i love it right before flowers open all the way up, makes for great pictures!

Judy March 08, 2010  

What beautiful flowers! I love the colour! I have never seen them bloom before, so this is really interesting!

Tes March 08, 2010  

Beautiful capture of the Lotus, Lina! Beautiful and vibrant! :)

DeniseinVA March 08, 2010  

Exquisite! This lotus is indeed very beautiful and I love it's color. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Kathy March 08, 2010  

They are beautiful in all forms, buds, opened, closed. A perfect flower.

Ana Cristina March 08, 2010  

Ilove Lotus flowers, they are beautiful and also very exotic!

eileeninmd March 09, 2010  

Just gorgeous, I love that color!

Carletta March 09, 2010  

What a lovely color!

DeniseinVA October 26, 2012  

Gorgeous! The color is stunning. Thanks so much for sharing.

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