Mar 25, 2010

Rural View

This week, I'll share a picture of rural view that I captured at my husband's home town in Central Java, Indonesia. Seeing beautiful view like this is so relaxing, right? And the towers, is it like a modern touch or just distracting the view? Visit Sky Watch Friday for more beautiful sky views...

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Miawruu March 25, 2010  

yes, so beautiful. but the two tower at there its kind of bit annoying :P

Martha Z March 26, 2010  

A lovely view with the green hills. With those towers it could just as easily be here in California.

Jiman.Go March 26, 2010  

oh .. indah nya ...

Jiman.Go March 26, 2010  

mantap ....

magiceye March 26, 2010  

lovely blues!

eden March 26, 2010  

Great shot, Lina!
Have a great weekend.

MinnieRunner March 26, 2010  

Nice capture

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 March 26, 2010  

what are those towers for? Now when I take photos, I ignore the distracting objects.

Where is your city?

Regina March 26, 2010  

A beautiful country scene.
Great sky watch!
enjoy the weekend.

Kcalpesh March 26, 2010  

What a combo of nature and man made technology... Awesome landscape!

Pixellicious Photos

Diane AZ March 26, 2010  

Beautiful view and clouds. I like the way the towers look in the photo. But if I lived there and had to see them everyday, I might feel differently.

Japa March 27, 2010  

Can't help having towers used for telecoms. It's everywhere. But, still, the view is awesome with that nice sky.

Unknown March 27, 2010  

pengambilan angel pic yang menarik ....

Ana Cristina March 27, 2010  

Awesome view!

Anonymous March 27, 2010  

Beautiful - I, too, like the towers.

diane b March 27, 2010  

It is a nice rural view with progress creeping over the hill.

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