Mar 4, 2010

The Qualities of a Good Friend

This post is still related with the previous one. After knowing the benefits of female friendship; you might ask : How to find a good friend and How to be one. I found this article, and I think it can be the guidance for you, girls…

When it comes to be a good friend, look all the things you require from a good friend and ask yourself if you do the same for others. The qualities you want in a friend should be the same that you are offering to someone else. How else can you expect to have good friends if you aren’t one yourself?

Having and being good friends is a two way street. If you require a friend to hold your secrets, then you shouldn’t gossip or tell information that isn’t yours to share. Be someone who is dependable and trustworthy.

Loyalty Rules
No matter what you do, a good friend will give you their support. Whatever you need, a loyal friend will have your back and they’ll stick through the tough times with you.

There may be times that your friend doesn’t agree with the choices you are making, though. If that happens, have no fear - a true and loyal friend will still be there to lend their support to you regardless of the decisions you are faced with.

On their Honour
True friends are ones that can be trusted. You can trust them with much more than your secrets about your latest boyfriend or even the keys to your place. A trustworthy friend can be called upon to share your pains and pleasures and not repeat them to the first person they meet. You know that whatever you share with them – it is in good hands.

Listen Closely
You never have to ask your friend if they are paying attention to you. When you have news to share, they give you their full attention. Advice from them does not come without first knowing what you are asking for. They have heard you and listened and understand what you’re asking.

Good friends find that they do more giving than asking. They see a need from someone and they respond before the other has a chance to ask.

Keeps You Smiling
Feeling down or blue, your good friend will likely know how to lift your spirits and make your day. A true friend will have a way of helping you see through your stress and pain and discover the smiles waiting on the other side. You can count on her to make you laugh and see the bright side of things.

Through examining your friendships, you can discover the types of relationships you want to build with your friends and what kind of friend you are able to be to them in return.
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MinnieRunner March 04, 2010  

I should be meditatig1 on your post. I might be falling out of my own criteria of a good friend.

Bidina_ali March 04, 2010  

i'm agree. the important things is a quality of friend and not the quantity of how much its number...

Unknown March 05, 2010  

bener banget.. semua kriteria itu sdh aku temukan pada dr sahabatku.. bahkan apa yg terjd pd dr masing2 bs kami rasakan meski saat itu kita sedang berjauhan... Nice posting Lin.. dan thanks atas ucapan ultahnya untuk Kei yah, dia emang seneng banget di foto, dan murah senyum..

RADJA BONTANG March 06, 2010  

nice post

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