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Jun 16, 2017

10 Cool Ways to Brighten Up Your House

Whenever you open a magazine about interior design, you get swiped away from your feet by pictures of wonderful, bright, and luxurious home. We’ve all dreamed that one day our own home would look like that, but not many of us got to make those dreams come true. If you’re in love with Pinterest-worthy homes, there are easy ways to transform your boring, old home into a cool, bright one, and it doesn’t require thousands of dollars and years of hard work.

#1 – Use mirrors wisely

Interior designers advise using mirrors to make any room appear bigger and more spacious: hallways, living rooms, as well as dining rooms. No matter what room you decide to fill with mirrors, always try to hang them across from the windows so that they reflect sunlight as much as possible.

#2 – Bring in some plants

You don’t have to turn your home into a jungle; a few plants strategically placed in corners, on coffee tables, or on a shelf will make any room look more inviting. Small cacti are wonderful, and they make a lovely, colourful statement. For those who aren’t fond of cacti, there are always other options such as succulents, bamboo, fresh herbs, and aloe vera.

#3 – Colourful rugs

Even if you live in a small apartment and you wish to keep the walls white so that the room appears brighter, you can add a graphic rug and make it more interesting without turning it dark. It can be a pink or a bright green rug made of faux fur, or you can pick the one with intricate geometric patterns for the ultimate summer look.

#4 – Mason jars to the rescue

A great way to get personalized, DIY flower vases is to take ordinary mason jars and paint them. You can aim for that vintage, worn-out look, or you can cover it with glue and dip it in glitter to make it more glamorous and elegant.

#5 – Twigs and branches

Fresh flowers are also a nice way to add more light and life in a room. Pick fresh flowers that are both colourful and smell good: roses and lilies, and you can also get some orchids if you want a touch of something exotic. If you’d like it to be a bit different, you can also experiment with twigs and branches which you can spray paint silver and wrap with satin ribbons.

#6 – Add a touch of gold

Gold will always be a colour of luxury, and it’s a great choice when you need to brighten a space. You don’t have to paint your walls gold or use gold rugs, but gold throw pillows, gilded photo frames, gold handles, flower pots, and gold-rimmed curtains will reflect the light in a beautiful way. 

#7 – Glam glassware

Glassware is great, but it can also be boring. Everyone is tired of ordinary glasses and jars, so why not opt for something more eye-catching? Swap your classic glassware with colorful additions for an added punch to your sips: green, blue, yellow, and pink will look great on your shelves as well as on the table.

#8 – Boxes and bins

A great way to keep things in order and your rooms clutter-free is to get boxes and bins, or multifunctional furniture. Lovely chevron bins will look great in a living room, especially when they have graphic prints in bright colours.

#9 – Sheer window coverings

A dimly lit room will always look gloomy, even if it’s big and painted white. Instead of heavy draperies, pick the sheer ones, or pick blinds on their own to get that casual style. You want your draperies and rollers to be light-colored, especially to add some contrast against the strong walls. If you don’t have the time or the patience to go to the store and browse there, you can find perfect roller blinds online and save yourself some time.

#10 – Use white or light-coloured furniture.

Wherever possible, pick white or light-coloured furniture: coffee tables, bookcases, credenzas, couches, and chairs. These look particularly good on dark wood floors, and if you pair it with an off-white rug it will look magical.

We’re almost finished with June, and summer is in full swing, so it’s only natural your home to look as great as you feel. Simply by adding pops of colour and lovely details in each room, you will be able to transform your dark home into an oasis of light, colours, and peace. 

Jun 15, 2017

5 Must do’s for a new yoga teacher

After one is successful in becoming a great yoga teacher, they should keep in mind a few small things. One cannot just finish their yoga teacher training and start teaching right away. They must choose carefully, that whether they want to continue yoga for the full life or not. The following are the points one should keep in mind before starting a training.

Top Tips for a yoga teacher

Keep Practicing: Once one is able to understand the basic fundamentals of yoga, then they must start practicing by their own, in home and classes. This will help one to go deeper and explore more about yoga. If the teacher is not intelligent enough, then they will not be able to teach younger students. The training will help one to learn about philosophies about yoga. If a teacher is curious enough to learn new things, then they can make to the one of the best mentors in the world.

Respect your Mentor: The one who is still learning is always the best teacher. Always respect your mentors and keep practicing with them. Some mentors of yours will tell you to help them while they are in a workshop. This will definitely, bring more experience in you. Yoga is one such thing, where there is no end of learning. One can keep learning throughout their life. So respecting your mentor is always important.

Liability Insurance: This is one real important thing for a new yoga teacher. Before one starts her teaching classes, they should definitely get a liability insurance. This helps in some legal litigations which may arise while in a training. If a candidate gets hurt by doing something wrong or irrational, he can always file a case against his yogi. But with this insurance, a yogi can always fight against all litigations.

Free classes: One might think to earn something by teaching yoga. But, it is advisable to give some free classes, which will definitely give you a confidence boost before you actually starting a career. One can show his or her yoga skill in local parks and communities, where there are people who are in need of yoga. By this, one can also get some popularity, which will help them in getting new students very soon.

Continue your learning: It is not always about keep practicing. One should always continue their training with their mentors. This will keep their body flexible and they always can learn something new, which will definitely help in their yoga teacher training classes. Students can therefore learn something unique everyday.

It can be well concluded that the above are the best tips, which can develop a yogi to become a perfect teacher. A regular yoga would lead to perfection and help you become an efficient teacher. After taking proper training you can now heal yourself and help others also to keep their body fit and flexible. There are certain other steps that can help you become a better yoga teacher.

Jun 8, 2017

Factors to consider before choosing a dog for a pet

It is true that a dog is a man’s best friend but can a man be a dog’s best friend? When you are out shopping for a pet dog, maybe from an animal shelter or a rescue home, you have that perfect picture in your mind as to how will you like your pet to be. You might even find a canine which looks just the way you pictured it in your mind, but after you bring it home you might get to slowly know the dog is not the Mr. Right for you. Dogs are available not only in different breeds but also sizes, shapes as well as personalities. Some demand a lot of attention, maybe in the area of exercising or maybe some need more training than what an average dog needs or some are just more than contented to lie in one place all day without any fuss.

Choosing the right dog as a pet needs considering a few things which can be beneficial for both you and the pet you choose. Let us have a look at what those things are:

1.   Considering your lifestyle:
The basic thing to remember when you are out to choose a dog for yourself is that not only you are getting a dog for yourself but the dog is also getting a new family. A dog has different types of requirements which mean it is the responsibility of the owner of that particular dog to fulfill his needs. There are different aspects to domesticating a dog which includes his size, his friendliness and assertiveness, his exercise requirements and his compatibility with you and your family members which when met properly can get you your love of your life in the form of a pet. For e.g. if you are a loner living in a small area in a high-rise building and you are choosing to adopt an overactive breed for a dog then it is not the right decision, for you as well as the dog. For such a dog a family with kids would be the best choice for the kids as well as the dog can keep each other company and all his needs like cleaning and bathing with iclean dog wash can be taken care of.
2.   Deciding the breed of the dog:
There are two categories of dogs to look out for, purebreds and mixed breeds. The basic difference between the two categories is that the ancestors of the purebreds are the same kind whereas in the case of mixed breed one of the parents is a different breed. But this difference can rarely be able to tell you about the health and personality of the dog but you can be sure of the size and shape of the purebred and that of the mixed breed differs according to the different breeds responsible for its conception.
3.   Take the help of an adoption counselor:
When you visit a shelter to choose a dog for adoption you might not be able to decide as of course, you do not know the different dogs and are not aware of their personalities. Ask for assistance from the counselor present which can help you choose a canine keeping in mind your needs for a pet. You might also get to spend time with some of the dogs you have narrowed down to and at this stage; you should look for qualities in the dog such as:
·         The age of the dog
·         Personality of the dog, as in, is the dog shy or assertive
·         Does the dog seem compatible with kids?

When you have decided on a pet just remember he is going to be a part of your life for at least the next 10-15 years and hence should be treated like family.

Common Mistakes when Buying Homecoming Dresses 2017

Homecoming is a yearly tradition and celebration that many young people cherish.  During homecoming week that usually happens in late autumn season, some festivities would be held includes a dance party. For most young women, the homecoming event is one more important moment to show their charms and present themselves in fashionable way. No wonder that a perfect start in preparation of attending a fall ball is searching for perfect homecoming dresses 2017  that make the wearer elegant and confident.

Though homecoming is already becoming a long life tradition, there are still mistakes that commonly made when searching for the right homecoming dress. Below are some of blunders that you should know before starting your own dress search.

Spending too much money for a dress.
What you should do: There is no need to overspend for getting unique desired attire. Smart women like you should be a smart and savvy shopper as well. There are different options to shop cost-effectively; one much favored way is shopping online. In this case, you can benefit from reliable online stores such as newarrivaldress that focuses on manufacturing and providing high quality apparel for bridal and special occasions at fabric prices. It is a great place to find a wide range of affordable, well-designed and well-made the latest homecoming attire collection. I feature here ten stunning pieces of newarrivaldress collection; you can see how gorgeous they are. Getting your dream dress without breaking your budget is truly a best deal.

Shopping at the last minute. 
What you should do: Shopping at the last minute will only lead to fewer options. The chance to get a flattering stylish dress is much reduced. Most likely you deal with items that rejected by others. That’s why a perfect dress search might take a few months; so the early start is much recommended.  Since the homecoming dance party usually held in last September or early October; now, the mid of June, is the right time to begin your dress hunt. No need to rush and more dresses still available to choose. If you prefer to shop online, it is significant to start in advance as you have to consider the time that required to process and deliver your order.
Don’t know the general rules of a homecoming dress.
Compared to prom, homecoming is a less formal occasion. Not only more fun and casual, homecoming usually arranged during warmer season and includes outdoor activities like parades and of course, dancing.  It leads to the difference in choosing the dress that appropriate for homecoming event. Floor-length allover sequined gowns that perfect for prom would be a mistake to wear for homecoming. Instead you can choose above or knee-length attire made from breathable fabrics in silhouettes and cuts that allow for comfy dancing and movement. Ornament and sparkle on homecoming apparel still acceptable but only a few applications.
Fashion experts mentioned that bright colors are not the best shades for homecoming nature. You can opt for earthy, fall or winter colors. If you are in doubt, wearing classic black cocktail dresses would not be wrong.

Knowing first these common mistakes will avoid you doing the same while finding your dream homecoming frock. Since it’s for attending a more relaxed and casual occasion, make sure the chosen piece makes you feel fun, confident and comfortable without overtaking your personality and natural beauty.

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