Dec 4, 2017

How to know more about yourself with your hairstyle

When it comes to hair, we women can all agree that we take meticulous effort in making it appear in its best form. We always want it to be in its best shape, and that’s why we treat our hair exceptionally than most of our body parts. There’s a saying that the “eye is the window of the soul,” but did you know that your hair can also be like your eye, a window of the soul? Okay, it’s more like a curtain for the window, but your hair tells a facet of your personality and you probably didn’t know it. So, ladies, here’s some hairstyle that might link you more with your true self:
Short Hair

If a woman has a short hair, then she’s probably inclined to artistic feats. Also, it could mean that she’s confident, laidback, and tends to be open with other people. Short hair could also make you look professional. Weitz, the author of Rapunzel’s Daughters: What Women’s Hair Tells Us About Women’s Lives, mentioned her shared conversation with a high – ranking corporate woman in her company. As per her, the woman said that “all high – ranking corporate woman in her organizational chart sports a short hair.
Long Hair
Women believe that long hair makes them more appealing. Probably, this is due to the fact that long hair gives you the air of youthfulness and sexiness. Moreover, they are perceived as romantic, free-spirited and creative.
Curly Hair
People perceive women with curly hair as more approachable and carefree. Not only that, they are reliable, so you can expect them to be natural leaders who finish their tasks faster than other people. These loving, passionate, intuitive, reasonable, expressive women are people you definitely need to spend your time with. Also, if you know someone who has curly hair, they’re probably a drama queen; who doesn’t love a drama queen?
Wavy Hair
Gorgeous women have wavy hairs, that’s it. They love spending time making themselves elegant and radiant, and just like their hair, wavy-haired women are untamable. It is also a symbol of modernity and uniqueness. An astounding will-power is what these women have but they too can also be emotional and tends to give themselves a well-deserved “me time.”
If you rock that ponytail most of the time then, that means you’re goal-oriented and is inclined to planning every activity that you want to accomplish. You want people to know that you’re practical and means business? Then wave that ponytail.
Bald Hair
The romantic type. Yes, those who chose to shave their heads are loving and dreams of that ideal romance during free times. Also, having bald hair shows sign of positivity in Chinese face reading. So, for guys out there looking for some tender-loving, a bald-haired woman is all you need.

So, what personality do you have with that hair of yours?

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