Dec 24, 2017

6 Basic Skin and Hair Care routine for this winter

The mercury in your thermometer has dropped at the moment. You can hear people complaining about skin and hair problems during winter. Hang on! We are about to share tips that requires no extra efforts and you can easily shave your winters off.
Cleansing and Exfoliating:

I don’t consider cleansing as a beauty tip because it is as basic as breathing. You have to breathe so you have to cleanse your face but as winter makes your skin dry try to cleanse it once a day and mist it with water twice a day to keep it hydrated from outside. If you have dry skin avoid using foam cleansers because they will dry out your skin more though milk cleanser compliments an oily skin. However many of the people do not consider exfoliation as a basic regime for beautiful skin. Winters also leaves your skin flaky and chapped. Therefore, exfoliation helps removing the dead skin from the surface making it smooth. It also minimizes your pores, increases blood circulation, helps in avoiding skin breakouts and leaves you with healthy skin.
Stay Hydrated And Keep It Moisturized:

Dehydration makes your skin look dull and life-less. So if you want to your skin to beautiful try to drink at least 8-10 glass of water daily and this takes no time, no effort to do. However you can take a warm glass of water with a lemon squeezed in it after a night’s sleep to replenish your fluids. In addition to this keep your skin moisturized with natural oils. Tea tree oil is one of the best options because it also helps in reducing itchiness and redness because of its antiseptic properties.

Usually people tent to avoid applying makeup in winter days because of the skin issues. Applying makeup in winter makes your skin condition even worse. But should I tell you that you don’t have to avoid makeup anymore? Dermatologist tested-Hypoallergenic Makeup products are available in the market to solve your problem.
Tip: No matter what makeup you use cleanse your face before going to bed.

Combat Weekly Treatments:

Unlike skin, hairs cannot be pampered daily with extra ingredients. Therefore, make a routine of pampering them once in a week because they need your attention too. Take 1-2 spoon of oil and massage into your scalp. It will not only moisturize your skin but will also increase blood circulation that with ensure good nourishment of your hair from within. In addition to this you can use light leave in conditioners to encounter static hairs condition.
Say No To Heavy Styling:

Winters already strip off the moisture in from your hairs. Heavy styling requires excessive heat that can extract moisture from your hairs which can result in dryness and even breakage or split ends. In addition to this, hair styling requires hair setting sprays too. These are completely chemical based formulas that can make you hairs rough. Other than this, when it dries out it doesn’t allow moisture from air to get absorbed into your hairs.


In winters our skin and hair are experiencing too cold outside and warm inside. The heating systems at our homes kill moisture in the air. To maintain the level to humidity, place humidifiers at your home. They not only provide relief to your skin and hair but also resolve any breathing issues in winter.

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