Dec 14, 2017

Colored Gemstones for Your Wedding Sets

Are you ready to get engaged with your loved one? Congrats! If you still search the perfect budget-friendly engagement ring for the proposal, continue reading, guys. Diamond is the best to represent an eternal love but if you can’t afford, don’t force it. The right way to save is buying the complementary three alternate-diamond rings altogether such as a morganite wedding set which includes an engagement ring with two matching wedding bands for both bride and groom or buying two alternate-diamond rings in a bridal set contains an engagement and a wedding ring for the bride.  Compared to getting the ring separately, this way allows you spend less.
8x6mm Rose Gold Morganite engagement ring diamond Solid 14k Rose gold promise ring for her, loop curved wedding band custom made fine jewelry Price: $859.00
When it comes to choose rings for engagement and wedding occasions, it is fine now to go beyond the traditions. Go ahead if you want to state your unique style and preference. White natural diamond are no longer the sole option, there are other sparkling gemstones that could be your alternatives and most likely less expensive. Anyway, colored stones have long been favored by royal families and nowadays those gems used by many red carpet stars. Don’t you ever see Kate Middleton’s sapphire, Heidi Klum’s canary, Jessica Simpson’s ruby and Halle Berry’s emerald ring?

Some people make decisions based on the bride’s birthstone but you can have your own reasons. But since the rings will be worn daily, jewelry experts suggest considering also several factors –besides artistic values- to ensure it will be long lasting with the proper care. Gem’s hardness, clearness, durability are a few factors that you should also know before choosing the gem.

For example, morganite is chosen for its captivating and delicate rose pink shade, strength, brightness and affordability. The ring will be suitable for her daily wear. It is also known as a gemstone of heavenly love. I feature here morganite rings which designed and created by the trustworthy BBBGEM for you. What is your opinion about them? Aren’t they so feminine and romantic?
2pcs Moissanite Wedding Ring Set Diamond Matching Band White Gold Infinity Loop Curved Pave Stacking 14K/18K

1.2 Carat Oval Aquamarine Bridal Set Diamond Wedding Ring 14k White Gold Split Shank Infinity Matching Band Price:$950.00

If you opt for the gem that highly alike with diamond, choosing moissanite wedding sets would be the excellent decision. Without specific testers, naked eyes can’t differentiate between moissanite and natural diamond. This gem is a perfect alternate natural diamond which is sparkling, lustrous, strong and much less expensive. Don’t you know that moissanite has 18% greater luster than a diamond? In easy words, if you see a moissanite, it would be more glowing than a diamond! I have seen some BBBGEM collection of moissanite rings, they are gorgeous indeed.

Your fiancée is one of beach goers? Brides who love ocean and beaches would be perfect to wear aquamarine bridal set with its stunning light blue to blue-green shades. This stone is affordable, shiny, very hard and durable. I feature here BBBGEM light blue aquamarine rings that perfectly offer ocean-like beauty that you will love as well.

Those are a few awesome examples of non diamond wedding sets that amazed me. They are really worth to choose!  

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