Dec 22, 2017

The power of music: 5 health benefits of music

Music has been around since the beginning and it is not only enjoyable but it also has many positive effects on our body and mind. Here are some scientificly proved benefits of listening to music.

Music reduces Depression & Anxiety

Music comforts our soles and senses and is also known to reduce depression and anxiety. Researchers at the Drexel University held s study, which found that cancer patients who l worked with a music therapist or listened to classical music on a regular basis had reduced levels of depression and anxiety. Music can do wonders for one’ psychological health. According to another study, the benefit of music for depressed patients depended on the type of music they listened to. Classical music and meditative music had positive effects while heavy metal and techno lead to further depression.

Music can keep an aging mind healthy

Listening to music can improve the psychological health of senior citizens.Since it requires years of practice to master any may create such connections in our brain that compensate for the decline of our cognitive health as we get older.In a study, cognitive tests were done on people with music experience and people without experience in the music field.The nonmusicians scored significantly lower than musicians.Music can also help recall old neurological patterns which can be very beneficial for Alzheimer's patients.

Music improves Heartbeat, Pulse rate, and blood pressure

Studies have shown that music can be beneficial for cardiovascular health.and can reduce the recovery time for patients who have suffered from heart disease in the past. Listening to music can lead to the release of endorphins in the brain, which can help improve cardiovascular health. According to a study held by the Massachusetts General Hospital patients who listened to at least thirty minutes of music a day showed lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, lower heart rates than the patients who did not listen to music.

Music reduces pain and strengthens the immune system

Research has shown that Music can reduce pain levels in patients who had surgery. Research indicates that listening to only fifty minutes of music a day can increase the level of antibodies in our body which results in a stronger immune system. The experiments were not in fact repeated for different types of music, but one can be sure that in general, any type of music can have overall positive effects on the body. Playing musical instruments can also help reduce stress and depression, which are the mortal enemies of our immune system.

Music reduces stress and anxiety

It has been experimentally proved that listening to music decreases the levels of Cortisol in our body. You might be wondering what cortisol is. Well, Cortisol is also referred to as the stress hormone. Also, stress reduces the effectiveness of our immune system which can lead to many diseases. According to a study, stress is the cause of almost sixty percent of all diseases and illnesses.

Music can also be very beneficial for students. According to studies, majority students suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. Music can be an effective and efficient solution to these problems. Studies have also shown that students who listened to music during their exam preparation scored higher marks So if you have a stressful day just put some music on and move around with the beat or you can also play a guitar or any other instrument to relieve the stress.

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