Jun 12, 2015

10DollarMall: Where You Get High Quality Fashion Online at Less than 10 Dollar

Most women love to dress in trendiest fashion style. Some women are willing to spend much money in order to keep their good look while savvy women prefer to choose cost-effective way for achieving such purpose.  Fortunately, internet offers an attractive option since online shopping allows you to find low-priced stuff with comfort and ease.

No wonder at all if there’s a truth stated that women are the majority of online shoppers –especially in the US- and the amount is increasing fast. From the comfort of their home or workplace, women can fulfill their needs while save lots of cash.

When it comes to find inexpensive clothes in the internet, you will see large numbers of online stores out there which each of them advertises as cheap clothing seller. Since you aren’t able to check and try first the outfit that will be purchased; it would be hard to expect what kind of quality that you will get from buying cheap stuff at an online fashion store. 

You might still worry with the quality uncertainty, thus allow me to share an online fashion store named 10DollarMall that could be your most favorite place to find high quality clothes and accessories at low prices.   
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What is 10DollarMall?
As described by its name, 10 Dollar Mall is an online fashion store that focuses in providing good quality and trendy apparel, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories -for women and men- where the price of each item is $10 or less. So, every product is budget-friendly!

Low prices don’t relate with poor quality at all since the store sells overstocked and discontinued items that obtained from selected manufactures and other famous vendors at big discounted prices. By applying low markup business type, this store is able to provide their shoppers with high-value products at very affordable rates.

Why Shopping at 10DollarMall?
No place is perfect, but here are some reasons that you can consider below:

-Trusted online store.
DigitalTrends.com includes 10DollarMall into one of Best Online Clothing Stores. You can also read many positive testimonials from real buyers.

-365 day return policy.
Other online stores have a common 30-day money back guarantee but this store has a matchless 1 year return policy.   You have 365 days to return the item from the purchase date.

-Fine quality various items to meet your fashion needs that offered at very low prices.  This store suits fashionable women and men who have limited budget.

-Most online buyers don’t like stores that appear messy and complicated. This fast loading and user-friendly store website has white background, neat look and simple design that pleased to the eyes.

-Good navigation system makes you easy to navigate and find things in the store.
Some proper buttons direct users to the pages of clothing, shoes, bags, plus size, accessories, jewelry, men, and clearance categories. There are also site search menu and other useful features such as search filters that functioned to make your product search faster and easier.

-The store is known for its fast shipping process and delivery time to all states of the US. The shipping flat rate that should be paid suits the chosen shipping option (standard, expedited, or express).
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Since there’s no perfect store; there are still a few drawbacks that can be noticed.
-You can call and email the store staff, but I still don’t see a live chat support at the store.  I think it could be a more practical way for buyers to contact the store.

-The store ships worldwide and international shoppers can calculate the shipping cost when checking out process. International rates will differ in accordance with selected destination, transporter, and speed. In this case, international buyers might have to spend shipping rate higher than the purchased item price.

In my opinion, it would be better if the international buyers are allowed to know earlier how much the shipping cost that they must pay before placing an order –like when you are shopping at etsy or ebay.

However, 10DollarMall.com is still highly suggested to be your favorite shopping site to find good quality fashion products at low prices, especially for the USA people. Shopping at 10DollarMall definitely gives you a good value of money!

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