Jun 3, 2015

Cashback and Coupon Websites that are Revolutionising Indian Shopping

What is the first thing you notice when you visit a crowded Indian market place? Somewhere in some corner of the market is shouting at the top of his lungs arguing with the vendor how his goods aren’t worth some amount of money and he won’t be paying a single penny more. Vendors try various ways to get money out of customers by saying they’re giving the best product in the market or that they need to earn a living too and they’re already facing loss or that you can search the whole market but you won’t find the price he’s giving. By this point the customer takes out the last arrow in his bargaining quiver and chooses to walk away hoping the vendor will call him back and agree to sell it at the price he’s been arguing about. Most of the times he’s successful but many a times vendors don’t go down to that price level.

Ecommerce is greatly thriving in such a mind-set where people in every part of the country want a good deal which lets him save every worth of penny he can without having to forgo the items. There are over thousands ecommerce platforms on the internet offering everything ranging from daily usual items like shoes, clothes and electronics to cars, personalised gifts and basically everything imaginable.

A lot of ecommerce start-ups have become successful like Flipkart and Snapdeal which are now proudly in the 1 billion dollar club owing to their great success. Such start-ups have revolutionised the way we shop by introducing deals almost every second day to help customers get the maximum value for money. What makes this possible is that ecommerce start-ups are more like virtual stores that showcase the goods but do not hold any physical inventory which greatly cuts down their working cost.

They do not have to worry about items getting damaged by fire, rodents or any other factors. Similarly as they do not run any actual store, they save money on rents, electricity bills, manpower cost etc. and are able to successfully forward this benefit to the customers.

Lately there has been a new buzzword in town regarding ecommerce. It is the launch of Cashback and coupon websites that have taken online shopping to a whole new level. Such websites provide customers with great deals on their shopping making it more fruitful as customers are able to get their favourite products at prices they would never be able to get at an offline store.
One such website I stumbled upon was CashKaro.com which is India’s leading Cashback and coupon website. What sets this website apart is that it is the only website that provides hard cash back to its customers as a reward for shopping through them. I was sceptical at first but after I tried it out, it was really satisfying to earn that extra cash back after already getting a great deal on my shopping.

All I had to do was visit the retailer through CashKaro utilising their discount coupons to get the deal I desired and then in a few days I received cash back for that deal which really thrilled me.

CashKaro was founded by Rohan and Swati Bhargava and is now becoming the one stop destination for all shoppers online. It has over 500+ renowned partners like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Myntra, Jabong along with Healthkart, Lenskart, Limeroad, Fabfurnish to name a few. Their offerings range from fashion to home accessories to health to anything you can wish for.

What is really useful is that this website helps you with price comparison allowing you to compare the price of a good across various platforms to always get the best deal there is. This greatly reduced my efforts of having to switch tabs and physically visit different websites to get the prices. It has greatly simplified my shopping experience and also transferred my cash back into my bank account once it had reached over 250 rupees.

Another attraction the website offers is its referral scheme were you can refer friends to use the website as well and you get to earn as well every time your friends make a purchase as well and this is lifelong. These features definitely make this website a clear winner over other websites which only provide coupons and discount codes. It takes that extra step to be extra- ordinary.

CashKaro and ecommerce has greatly helped shoppers like me all over the country by giving us great deals on our purchase and also rewarding us monetarily. I am thankful my days of shopping in the blistering heat, bargaining with vendors are long over!

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