Jun 9, 2015

Green Apple Trees

The trees planted at Kusuma Agrowisata the fruit garden (Batu Malang, East Java, Indonesia).  The scorching hot day made our trip to the apple field less nice but I still able to capture some shots. I like the taste of these apples; crunchy, sweet and a bit of sour.
Apple trees
The trees are behind the fence. Nobody sat on the metal benches in a hot sunny day :)
Green apples and a flower

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Annemor June 09, 2015  

Both a ready fruit and a flower? Geat captured,
Have a nice day.

Icah Banjarmasin June 09, 2015  

Kalau mau nurunin ALEXA..mba Lina komentar di BLOG ALEXA dan BLOG WINDOWS kalau bisa sih sering komentar diblog temen..hahahyy

Latane Barton June 09, 2015  

I would love to pick a bunch of those apples. I like the picture of the blossom with the fruit, you don't usually see them together.

Andrea @ From The Sol June 09, 2015  

I am with you ... a touch of sour is perfect in a nice crunchy sweet apple. Sorry for the heat, but I bet it make the cool juices in the apple taste even better. Nice pictures, Lina ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

A Colorful World June 09, 2015  

Great post for Tree & Bushes! I have always loved apple trees because my Grandmother had some in her yard and we used to climb them as children and then eat the little apples right off the tree.

Lmkazmierczak June 10, 2015  

Lovely apple orchard♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/variant/

NatureFootstep June 10, 2015  

this looks quite nice. Not like the "apple factories" I saw in Queensland :)

eileeninmd June 11, 2015  

I like a sour/sweet tasting apple. Pretty shots of the apple and tree! Have a happy day!

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