Jun 17, 2015

Guide to Making the Perfect Dress‏

Making a dress from a scratch can be a really complicated process if you don’t know what you are doing. Figuring out what you have to learn is where you will have to really dedicate a lot of your time. Here are some of the most important factors in dress making that you really have to know before you start.

Know What You Want
It is really important that you choose what sort of dress you want in the beginning of the whole process. Having to go through different dresses and constantly changing various details can become a really big problem in the later stages of the design process. Choose the type of dress you want to create as this can affect the type of materials that you will use and the overall look.

Choosing a Fabric
There really are a lot of different fabrics and materials that you can use to create your perfect dress. Before you choose a specific material, think about what your dress will be used for and how will the material react. Additionally certain materials like silk for example can easily fall apart or can be difficult to sew through in some cases if you don’t have a lot of sewing experience.  Additionally, various materials may require for you to use several layers and can become heavy or unsuitable in hot weather. Be aware of all this before you actually choose the dress material with which you will work with.

Properly measuring yourself is really important and this is one of the steps with which you have to be careful with, as mistakes here require a lot of work to fix. In most cases all that you will need is measurement tape. You can also use a friend to help you out and measure you properly if you are having trouble as this will eliminate a lot of issues and problems down the road.

Few things are as essential in making a great dress as much as proper marking is. Marking the lines where you will make the cuts in your fabric is extremely important and you should really take the time needed to get the job done properly. By using pins or fabric weights, you can keep the fabric in place while you mark it down. This is extremely important as it will minimize the potential problems that may come up during the cutting and sewing process. The last thing you want is to end up with dress that is too big or too small because of improper marking.

Cutting and Shaping Up
When it comes to cutting the fabric and putting your dress together, it is really important that you take extra care in making sure that all the measurements are correct. Measure places that you will have to cut several times before you actually start cutting the fabric in order to eliminate any sort of problem that may come along. With certain designs, making even a small mistake can be a really difficult thing to deal with.

Getting the Materials
One of the great things about creating your own dress is the fact that you can really find anything that you need for it just by looking online. The sheer variety of different materials and the accessories that you can use and get for cheap is a perfect reason to try creating your very own dress. Various stores that deal with clothing and fabrics will often organize various sales and you can get all kinds of materials if you hit the right silk, common fabric or yarn sale for cheap.

There are plenty of different reasons why you should create your own dress. You will not only master a lot of different skills that you can use in the long run but also save a lot of money as well. Another great thing about creating your dress is that you can really decide about every single detail and create precisely the dress that you always wanted. The sheer creative freedom and the amount of money that you can save by creating your own dress is more than a good reason to create one just for yourself.

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Sharon Wagner June 17, 2015  

I have so (sew) many sewing projects I want to tackle. But a broken machine.

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