Nov 23, 2015

How to Avail Authentic Antique Lounge Furniture?

When it comes to furnishing your lounge, you will naturally want to impress your guests with the very best while offering them the much needed comfort too. Earlier you had to search for different dealers who sell antique furniture, but now you can easily avail the antique lunge furniture for your garden and lounge area, from different online shopping portals. You can easily adjust the seating arrangement of this furniture in your lounge area. The plush and rich color of natural solid wood and the styles of antiquity are sure to captivate the imaginations of your guests while making you the proud owner of such furniture.

High-quality antique pieces

A range of such plush and fine furniture is available with the antique dealers that procure them from the various sources and also ensure them as authentic pieces. Most of them are well-maintained and at times retouched where the upholstery is concerned, so asto exude the new like look when you buy them.

  • Most of these antique lounge furniture are made of seasoned mahogany, oak or walnut that are mostly left to exhibit their natural color or embellished with gilding or even brass plates.
  • The early style epochs stem to the Georgian, Regency and the Victorian, among which the authentic Victorian beauties that are a more common breed.
  • The authentic and luxurious French provincial styles though are available are difficult to find in the market as they are mainly preserved in castles and museums.

In different styles

These antique lounge furnitures were made to suit the flamboyant lifestyle of the royalty and the upper classes. There are different sizes and colors available in this antique lounge furniture, and you can also try to repolish them, wax them, or maintain them according to certain traditional methods.

  • Individual chairs that are richly gilded and decoratively carved will usually be upholstered either in expensive fabric or buttoned in quality leather. You can use these as armchairs, deck-chairs, garden chairs and also set some spare chairs for using in your living room area.
  • More are the sofa sets that you can find and some of them with the original French painting on the backboard as well as rest of the sofa. The serpentine cabriole legs are a characteristic of these sofas and provide the needed support to the sturdy solidwood piece.
  • The scroll-end sofa continues to be a favorite even during the modern times. There are several available in the antiquity market that is natural colored, gilded or even differently colored with the same colored upholstery.
  • In case you are looking for an elegant set, there are salon suites that comprise of the elegant couch, a ladies chair, and a gent’s chair. Most of the sellers will have the upholstery redone so that it is in perfectly usable condition.
  • Consoles and side tables, of course, are more common when it comes to buying antique furniture for your prestigious lounge. You can get them in the elaborate French carvings as well as the Regency versatility. Some of them can also both sides as well as center tables with the drop leaf system that was typical of the era.

Other attractive pieces

Whether it is the rare three piece suit or the single chaise lounge chair cum bed, most of these pieces are unique in so far as they do not have any duplicates if not for the later reproductions. Something as rare as the Victorian circular conversation sofa with a padded central dome and also the extra outer cover are imitated for modern public lounge seating arrangements.

There are also attractive fireplace mantles with elaborate carvings available that alone can dramatize the look of a room. Most of the antique dealers have real warehouse apart from their online presence that enables the secure storage of the rare pieces. If you want to get different style of antique lounge furniture then let’s have look here and get the best furniture for your home.

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