Nov 9, 2015

Staying Safe after Dark

The streets can be safe, but not all the time. Dangerous things can happen even in the light of day, but the majority of theft and other assaults happens when the lamp lights switch on. However, knowing your statistics cannot help you when you are in the middle of an emergency situation.

No matter if you or your assailants are men or women, the best thing you can do when you either see a thief or are at the brink of being robbed is to get out of there. It is always best to avoid confrontation, so if there is any possibility to run away – do so as if your life depended on it. Because it kind of does.

          How to avoid confrontation?
When attacked, observe the person(s) in front of you. Their physique, the look on their face, aggression level, the ability to fight – these are all the things you need to evaluate, and really fast for that matter. If you see that they look angry and can hurt you, the best thing is to try to look for their weak spots and run away in a direction that they cannot access. Throw your wallet or bag at them, and run in the opposite direction.

          Avoidance level: defence pro
When you are under attack, do not show any intention of hurting your attacker. Instead of standing en guard, remain in a defensive position. Do not give them a chance to grab you or hurt your head. A defensive position is when you hunch your back a bit, put your head lower, put your hands in front of your eyes and cheeks, but letting just enough space so that you see their next move. Your elbows should be lowered so that your lungs and inner organs are protected. If you are hit in the cheek, nose or temple, you can lose consciousness, so these areas should be protected at all times.

          Fight or flight?
When you have the option – always choose the latter, even if you are an excellent athlete. Many things can go wrong, and you can never be sure what your opponent’s next move can be (and whether there are some more people around you), so if you get the chance to fly – just do it. You can confuse your attacker by yelling out loud and getting a second or two to hit the road.

          Worst case scenario
If you are being jumped from behind, and there is really no real possibility of running away, you need to do everything you can so as to free yourself from their hold. Even though there is practically no way of predicting what can happen, your bare minimum strength level at all times should be that you can do at least one chin-up. Anything less than that puts you in danger. This is why it is important to start exercising and use basic strength training equipment.

The strength you currently have in your body can fade away with time, so it is always better to keep it at normal levels, so that you do not get surprised by a person grabbing your shoulder. Be prepared, be always prepared.

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