Nov 5, 2015

How to Decorate a Rental

Rented homes are probably the biggest challenge interior designers face with. How can one accommodate a living space when the space is going to be abandoned soon and rented by other, perfect strangers, who have different taste in furniture, colour, and style?

Easily! When it comes to decorating a rental, there are small rules or recommendations which should be followed in order to accommodate almost any living space which is to be shared by different people at different times. Keep reading and find out how to do this!

Colour it!How to Decorate a Rental by
If you want to add character to your rental home, but are not allowed to make big, dramatic changes (like breaking the walls down or closing the terrace for good ), you can start making it your own by repainting it according to your liking.

First of all, refreshing the walls from time to time is a good thing to do if the former tenants used to smoke and left smoke stains all over the place. Secondly, and most importantly, you are going to feel more comfortable if you know that you made at least some saying when you moved into the apartment. Here you can find paint colour recommendations for rental property.

Another great solution for wall paint is chalkboard paint. This will add some fun to the space and will thrill your children. Moreover, the kitchen is also a great place to paint the walls to chalkboard paint because you can leave great notes and recipes for your beloved ones.

Avoid buying new furnitureHow to Decorate a Rental by
The biggest mistake one can make is to buy new furniture and then leave the place without brining it along. Talk about a wrong investment.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a rented, fully equipped apartment, and you do not seem to like the colour or the material on the furniture – be it the couch, armchair or the chairs – you can easily get a new design by simply covering them with slipcovers.

You have all colours and designs at your disposal, but if you opt for white or some other neutral hue – you will not regret it. Namely, neutrally white walls and furniture can be personalised with colourful pillows, wall art and lighting – and not to mention the drapes!
You can also add family photos just to get the whole family feeling loved and just like home.

Room dividers for big space
If you do not like the ordering of the space, that is the dimensions of the rooms, you can simply use dividers to sort this problem out. Especially if you live in a large loft or a studio apartment, this option would be the right for you to separate the dining room from your study nook, or the living room from the kitchen.
How to Decorate a Rental by
Shelves work as great room dividers, too, so you would solve two problems with this solution – the number of rooms and place to store books and knickknacks. Drapery is also a great solution for big spaces, especially if you want to visually enhance the appearance of your studio.

Find great lighting
If the lack of space is your biggest problem, you can solve it by simply adding mirrors – either in the dining room, the living room, or into your bedroom. Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space, but what adds up to the feeling of the room being bright and open is – light. If your apartment is small, and you cannot make the windows bigger, you can install, for example, additional led wall lights or lamps.

Remember that the feeling of being home is actually achieved by the people you love and live with. So, even if you do not own the place, it would be enough to bring your family photos in or personalise the space with your favourite items – and there you have it. Just like home.

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