Feb 21, 2017

6 Ways to Customize Wedding Rings for a Unique Look

Anyone would know that the hardest part of picking a wedding ring is choosing the perfect design. Often, you will find a design that you love, only to realize that if you change a few things, it could look unique. It may be that the addition of extra diamonds on the band would give it a better touch, or reducing a few. Sometimes, a splash of colors through gemstones would add the final “wow” touch. Either ways, you could wish to make some changes to your wedding rings and that is when you can think of custom designs. 
Often, when most people hear the term “custom design,” the first thought that comes to their mind is designing a ring right from scratch. This could mean going to a designer to create one, but that is not all there is to customization. Custom designing is a broad term and it could mean working on simple alterations such as addition of stones, design alteration, and making tiny changes that already exist in the design.

When you turn to a custom jewelry designing company, know that you can have any design tailored to meet your requirements, no matter what it is! Whether you need to add some diamonds, or wish to make a new design, customization is sure to give your ring a unique look.  If you decide to go for custom-made ones, then here are six unique ways to customize your wedding ring.

1.   Add Some Extra Diamonds

Whether you wish to wear a simple diamond ring, or wish to add more sparkles, one of the best ways to alter the design of your wedding ring is by adding more bling to it. You could add extra diamonds around the center stone, add some sparkle to the band, or change the setting of the stones. Often, placing the diamonds in different positions helps to enhance the look of the diamond in the center, especially if you wish to make it look bigger in size. 

If you admire single stone designs, but would love to add some more glitter around it, then customization is the best way to achieve the look without settling for an entirely new design. Adding extra diamonds is often a great way to create the wedding ring of your dreams!

2.   Remove a Few Diamonds

Although most people want to add more diamonds, others consider the removal of a few. Once again, removal of stones could be for countless reasons. Sometimes, too many diamonds on the ring band could look strange when worn on the finger. At other times, it is a matter of preference and taste. In any case, it is important that you know this comes under customization of your wedding ring.

3.   Add Different Shaped Diamonds

If your heart is set on adding unique-shaped diamonds, it may be difficult to accommodate diamonds of that shape on the ring. However, that is when a jeweler could make sure that different shaped diamonds of your choice replace the old ones. This way, you can have the ring of your dreams without much hassle.

Most people love to add some twist to their wedding rings by adding heart, flower, and other unique shapes to give their ring a unique look. Although many women prefer to keep their rings in a traditional design, adding different shapes is a great way to create an elegant wedding ring.

4.   Combine Different Ring Styles

For most grooms and brides, the challenge is to narrow down their options to the best ring style. When it comes to wedding ring shopping, there are so many options to choose from and it becomes difficult to choose the final one. Luckily, there is a solution! Combine different styles to make the one of your choice.  When you buy from online stores like Aida Design US, you can consult the custom designers and explain what features of the ring you wish to alter. Once they incorporate the elements, the results will be the ultimate rings of you always desired!

5.   Choose Different Metals and Styles

Customization does not just end with stones; it also applies to the choices in gold available for wedding rings. You can decide to change the metal to rose-gold, white, or yellow, the choice is all yours! Today, customizing your wedding ring is a fun and easy task. With so many options and easy methods of alteration, you can have a unique ring on your finger.

6.   Add Symbolic Details

A great way to make your wedding ring look unique is to add small, yet captivating symbolic details in your ring that will be meaningful for your spouse. You can accomplish this in different ways. You could add over locked knots, or parallel cords, which symbolizes “eternal love” between couples. Another idea is to add different gemstones on the inside band of the ring. This could be either your partner’s birthstone, or a unique stone that has some meaning to both of you.

Whatever the reason behind your choice of customization, you can always consult a professional jeweler to help you make the perfect ring for your memorable day.

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